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Using teroGO for Environmental Good

August 12, 2019 |

As July just shattered previous temperature records around the globe, the consciousness about our impact on the planet we inhabit is rising. We discuss challenges such as global warming, the pollution of the oceans, and the deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest with great emotion and sometimes little hope. However, it is a very positive sign that these topics are on our minds. Instead of fighting about who’s right and who’s to blame, let’s take concrete action one step at a time!


Stronger Together

If the history of humankind shows anything, it is that we can achieve the unthinkable when we support each other and work together towards an even bigger goal; teroGO is built on that premise. Every little individual activity counts to unlock donations towards impactful causes. As a community, we connect our users around the globe to unify them behind a common goal.

Make a Statement

More and more companies use teroGO to address today’s most pressing social and environmental issues and the role they want to play to solve them. This is why companies such as LinkedIn sponsor campaigns to support women leaders in the tech industry. This is why Swiss Re-engaged thousands of their employees around the globe to sweat for a cause.

Looking at the environmental challenges we face today and how individual behavior can make a difference, teroGO is the perfect instrument to get your community or workforce engaged in an teroGO campaign to together make a visible positive environmental impact!

How to do it? Here are some ideas:

– An employee engagement campaign where every mile your employees run plants a tree? 

– A community engagement campaign where every picture of a vegetarian meal on teroGO triggers a donation to a nonprofit organization fighting climate change?

– A campaign where every mile your employees bike or walk instead of driving offsets 100 kilograms of carbon?

– A campaign where every pound of plastic cleaned up from local forests or beaches supports a local environmental nonprofit organization?

Have other creative ideas/want to run one of these campaigns with teroGO? Reach out to us to start your teroGO campaign today!

Olivier Kaeser
COO & Co-Founder, teroGO
Connect on Linkedin | | San Francisco


man and woman hugging a tree in a forest


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