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The Fitness App that Plants Trees

Did you know that your team can walk or run to plant trees? That’s right! atlasGO is a fitness app that plants trees. When you engage employees with a tree planting challenge, every workout they log on the app converts into a tree. 

The forests are an essential component of our ecosystem and act as a home to millions of animals. By teaming up with nonprofit organizations like One Tree Planted, we hope to help the environment one step at a time and positively impact the physical and mental health of employees in your organization. 

As a business, you have the opportunity to raise awareness, support the environment, encourage the health of employees, and foster connections among colleagues regardless of their geographical locations. All of this can be achieved through active participation in a campaign that resonates with your corporate values and interests.

How to Get Started with a Tree Planting Challenge

All you have to do is contact us to discuss what you’re looking for in a tree planting challenge and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Through our fitness app, all employees in your organization will be able to track and log the hours and distance completed during their fitness activities. Just how far do they need to go to plant trees? That depends on the activity they choose! You get to pick the activities that will suit your team best and we’ll come up with the perfect equation for success.

During your tree planting challenge, colleagues will be able to share their “sweaty selfies” (post/during workout selfies) to your shared organization feed. That will give your team the push they need to go the extra mile and unlock as many trees as possible!

Sweaty changemakers for the challenge One Tree Planted- planting trees

Case Study: Sisley Planted Over 78,000 Trees with atlasGO

Sisley partnered with atlasGO to launch the Sisley Tree Challenge, an employee engagement campaign aimed at bringing their widespread team together to complete fitness activities and unlock trees!

Thanks to the commitment of their employees in more than 30 subsidiaries around the world, Sisley set one goal: to plant 40,000 trees… but they broke records! Their employees got moving and nearly doubled the initial goal, planting 78,278 trees

The fitness app that plants trees woman on top of mountain

Colleagues Plant Trees, Together

Sweating to plant trees not only helps the environment, but the participants as well. Some find the motivation to work out in the form of a workout buddy. Who better to get you sweating and moving than your colleagues? Employees can share their smiling faces and words of encouragement while getting their body in shape.

Our platform combines the elements of community and personal wellbeing to enhance employee engagement. Our community selfie feed allows colleagues to exchange virtual high-fives and comments, fostering a supportive environment that promotes discipline and self-care.

Woman with a pink top Running On Pathway in the forest planting trees

Why Trees?

Trees are essential to all life on Earth, from the little butterfly fluttering at your windowsill to all the loved ones in your family. They play an indispensable part in recycling our air. One mature tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon a year!

Not only that, but forests are the gift that keeps on giving. Aside from fresh oxygen, there are 1.6 billion people that rely on forests for their livelihood.

Trees are the cornerstone of achieving all 17 sustainable development goals. Some of which include: Sustainability, clean energy, clean water, economic growth, good health, and more.

Large green tree


It’s time to get your team together to sweat for a change and literally take steps to a better future together. Get started with atlasGO, the fitness app that plants trees now.

Written by Jess Lin.

Green tree plant in the hand of a person

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