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The Fitness App that Plants Trees

Did you know that you can walk or run to plant trees? That’s right! The fitness app that plants trees with is atlasGO. Every workout you log on atlasGO converts into a tree. 

The forests are an essential component of our ecosystem and act as a home to millions of animals. Teaming up with the nonprofit organization One Tree Planted, we at atlasGO hope to help the environment one step at a time and positively impact your physical and mental health.
As sweaty changemakers, you can raise awareness to help the environment, stay healthy, and connect with those far and wide. You can do all this by participating in a campaign that speaks to you. Not only that, but you can also work at bringing hope and unity to the world in these uncertain times. 

How to Get Started with One Tree Planted

COVID-19 will not stop you or us from making a difference. Through our fitness app, all participants and sponsors will be able to track and log the hours and distance completed during their activities.

Just how far do you need to go to plant trees? While we won’t limit or define just how much someone can do, we have gotten it down to a specific 4 miles per tree equation. 

It sounds pretty far and arduous, but with constant posts of “sweaty selfies” (post/during workout selfies) from hundreds if not thousands of other participants and sponsors from around the globe, you will really get that push you need to go for that extra mile.

You will be able to monitor the results of your effort by receiving information about our beloved forests. This could also motivate you to live a greener lifestyle with a smaller carbon footprint.

Sweaty changemakers for the challenge One Tree Planted- planting trees

Benefits of the #Go4Trees Campaign

Adding on to the amazing benefits of increasing the greenery count in California, this campaign also spreads the message of how our everyday actions have consequences on the environment.
Moreover, sustainability isn’t achieved in one day, and we must work together, especially in such dispiriting times. We are all in this together, and doing what we can from all corners of the world will give us that little reminder we need of solidarity.
Therefore, saving the environment is a huge endeavor that may seem like a never-ending climb. But starting by planting a few trees is the first baby step we need to eventually conquer the larger underlying environmental issues.
The fitness app that plants trees woman on top of mountain
Sweating for a good cause not only helps the cause but the participants as well. Some find the motivation to work out in the form of a workout buddy. Who better to get you sweating and moving than loved ones and friends? Or, if you want, even strangers from far and wide, sending you their smiling faces and words of encouragement while you get your body in shape.
The unfortunate wildfires California endured in 2019 put the critical importance of trees into perspective. The Sunshine State is also notorious for droughts in hot summers, and both issues can be mitigated with more trees.
It has been said that a strong immune system is a key as of now to kicking this novel virus out of your body. What better way to improve your health and strengthen your immune system than through exercises of the body? Things like hiking, running, or mental exercises such as meditation can help a lot.
Remember that we are aiming to provide a means to move and sweat that doesn’t require participants to congregate in large crowds. Make sure you avoid crowded public areas and abide by the laws enforced by your local government.
Woman with a pink top Running On Pathway in the forest planting trees

Why Trees?

Trees are essential to all life on Earth, from the little butterfly fluttering at your windowsill to all the loved ones in your family. They play an indispensable part in recycling our air. One mature tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon a year!

Not only that, but forests are the gift that keeps on giving. Aside from fresh oxygen, there are 1.6 billion people that rely on forests for their livelihood.

Trees are the cornerstone of achieving all 17 sustainable development goals. Some of which include: Sustainability, clean energy, clean water, economic growth, good health, and more. This is why we launched our app.

Large green tree

Our Sponsors

Each mile(stone) you hit is sponsored by corporations. If making an impact and keeping important stakeholders engaged sounds like something of interest to you or someone you know, feel free to shoot us a message at thomas@atlasgo.org for more information.

Our sponsors - Sand Cloud- Retro Fitness- Trakks- Fan Trophy running club

Let’s Get Started!

Now, with COVID-19, you can imagine how much more difficult it would be to incorporate outdoor exercises. Especially with lockdowns are sweeping the nation. This is why we here at atlasGO have managed to evade the obstacle known as this virus by including many indoor activity options such as walking.

Just because you aren’t permitted to go outside doesn’t mean you cannot contribute. While your “sweaty selfies” for indoor activities may be a little less perspired than those who are allowed out, know that you are still creating the same positive impact.

Registration has begun! We thought it to be very fitting to begin registration on March 21. This is also known as the International Day of Forests and  Earth Month (the month of April). You can visit the website www.go4trees.org for more information on how to transform your steps into endless rolling forests.

Two woman practicing Yoga indoor


Conclusively, we need to stand in solidarity and unity in times like these. A lot of us (most of us) have not witnessed such an occurrence in our lifetime, and we hope that this is the last. What better way to “join hands” with those around the world than working together?

We can do this through a campaign designed to improve the lives of all those involved along with well as the environment.

Sweat for a change and literally take steps to a better future together. Being stuck at home can push some of us to get cabin fever. But participating in physical activities can hopefully reduce it and save the environment while you are at it. Download the atlasGO app, the fitness app that plants trees now.

Written by Jess Lin.

Green tree plant in the hand of a person

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