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Become a Super Sweaty Changemaker today and help us amplify impact!

Become an atlasGO ambassador today, more diversity is needed! 

We’ve changed things up and are opening up our Super Sweaty Changemaker program, where anyone and everyone can join! Please spread the word to your communities to reach wide and far!

Now is the time to create change, move and sweat for a cause. Together, we can make a real difference.

How to become a Super Sweaty Changemaker? 

You first need to fill out the form on this page and complete these simple tasks:

  • 50 activities on the atlasGO app
  • Plant 10 trees on the #GO4Trees challenge
  • Invite 3 friends to download and use the atlasGO app
  • Create your own team on the app with at least 5 friends
  • Share 10 sweaty selfies on the atlasGO app

We’re super excited to launch this program with you and for you. 

  • Tell us about yourself.

  • Let's talk details

  • Request a free demo

  • About your organization

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Five men and three girls in a park all wearing green and blue tshirts

Why become a Super Sweaty Changemaker?

The more you help spread atlasGO’s mission, the more surprises you can win!

As soon as you become a Super Sweaty Changemaker, you’ll accumulate points for every activity you undertake that supports our community. Access to private events, win bids to your favorite races, insider information about atlasGO, and much more! You will receive all the details with your Welcome Email.

Who can become a Super Sweaty Changemaker? 

Anybody! We want to reward and celebrate our most active sweaty changemakers. If you love getting sweaty and making an impact fill out the form and let’s get to know each other!

What is the Super Sweaty Changemakers’ community?

It is a community of changemakers who are passionate about sports,  spreading the atlasGO values, and committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

A thought from our ambassadors!

Man running wearing green tshirt

To be an ambassador for atlasGO is a philosophy of life: to maintain good physical and mental health while contributing to a noble cause. All this with motivation, a smile and a little bit of madness.

Jonathan Bakuba

Super Sweaty Changemaker

Man sitting down wearing green tshirt

For me being an atlasGO ambassador it is about showing that sport activities could be meaningful and help others even if you're not a fully sponsored and mediatized sport athlete.

Xavier Massart

Super Sweaty Changemaker

Girl meditation in front of a tree

Being an atlasGO ambassador feels like planting a tree every time I run. I feel proud to motivate people to work towards a common goal and to live the fact that sport brings everyone together - even with distance.

Caroline Dressel

Super Sweaty Changemaker

Girl smiling with a green tshirt and medal

Being an atlasGO ambassador has connected me to an international and local community that I would have likely never met otherwise!

Christine O'Connell

Super Sweaty Changemaker

Boy running in a park in green tshirt

Making a difference with atlasGO means pushing your limits, inspiring others and engaging with your community. Side effects: a healthy lifestyle.

German Perdomo

Super Sweaty Changemaker

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