Summer Social Distancing Activities

COVID-19 is still very much a part of our society. Summer in 2020 is looking very different from past summers when getting together with your friends and flocking in droves to the beach was taken for granted. 

As the world opens its doors again and starts to accept this new practice of social distancing, is there a way to return to some semblance of normalcy this year?

Humans are social animals and having to keep our distance from friends and family can be very difficult. However, we have some good news! Summer doesn’t need to be canceled, the sunshine doesn’t need to be canceled and fun can still be had.

Below is a list of different social distancing activities that still conform to safety parameters, can afford you some fun and not waste these days of sun before winter sets in again.

1. Socially Distanced Picnic


As of now, open spaces and good ventilation are two of the most important aspects to keep you safe from the virus. Take advantage of the good weather and head outdoors with a small group of family or friends. The only but important difference is keeping the right distance.

Grab your favorite snacks and finger food and gather in a park or at the beach. Make sure you find a good spot away from other people and sit with your friends while staying at least 6ft away.

Conversations may need to be a little louder and you may not be able to share food, but you do get some much-needed vitamin D in your pores after being on lockdown for months.

woman sitting at picnic near Eiffel Tower

2. A Bike Tour


When things were normal and we didn’t have to adjust our lives to accommodate a virus, we often go about our days keeping our heads down and not really enjoying our surroundings.

What a better time to appreciate nature than now? Hop on a bike and go on a peregrination. Take a long and meandering route either through the city or into mountain trails.

Really open your eyes and try to notice and pick out things that may have flown under the radar before. Taking in the city is an excellent way to enjoy the summer.

Perhaps even take a tour to the city’s most popular tourist attractions and really enjoy these places you would otherwise steer clear of due to crowds. Since there are still travel bans in place in many countries, it finally gives the locals a chance to enjoy their city.

man biking with clouds

3. Virtual Tours


We heard museums like the Guggenheim are offering virtual tours. What better time to visit these legendary places? You may not have had the time to go to the actual location, but now you conduct virtual walkthroughs from the comfort of your own home!

With many people being stuck at home, there isn’t a more convenient way to train your brain and learn new knowledge than to wander through world-famous museums that hold troves of intellectual treasures.

That isn’t even the best part! This can all be done with your friends within the comfort of your own homes by connecting virtually with your mobile devices.

woman using virtual reality

4. Take Part in a Virtual Race


atlasGO offers virtual races for all those itching to get out and get moving in sunny weather. You can choose to participate in or organize your very own virtual challenge to raise community and social awareness for good causes.

Some of the ongoing virtual races atlasGO is a part of include Angels Surviving Cancer, a virtual exercise with the goal of raising awareness to fight against breast cancer. Another one is Ride for Water GO, a race that focuses on clean water. All of our virtual races are focused on non-profit causes join in by Sweaty Changemakers all over the world.

You don’t have to run the race, you can choose from a variety of activities from biking to playing tennis or even doing yoga or meditation to log in your efforts. Share your hard work with others in the atlasGO community by posting your sweaty selfies and virtual high fives in real-time.

You can join in these races with team members, friends, family and even strangers from all over the world.

man running on the forest

5. Cook for Your Friends!


Many people have taken up new hobbies during this lockdown and cooking seems to be the most popular choice. Opening up Instagram to tons of food and recipe videos really makes a person miss eating in a restaurant. 

Now you can bring your favorite dishes home and attempt to recreate these delectable cuisines in your own kitchen. Remember to take the proper safety precautions and you can even share the fruits of your labor by delivering it to your friends and giving them a taste!

people cooking vegetables



Social distancing measures aren’t going anywhere any time soon. However, you can make the best out of the situation by engaging in activities outside of your comfort zone or by simply adopting the safety measures within your daily lives.

Who knows, after attempting the activities on our list, you may even find a hidden passion you didn’t know you had!


Written by Jess Lin.

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