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Integrate your atlasGO challenge to Slack to engage and motivate your employees

With atlasGO x Slack, you can integrate well-being into your favorite company communication tool. Get ready to promote employee engagement, encourage healthy habits, and foster friendly competition directly from Slack.

slack screen showing atlasgo integration
slack integration challenge stats

Share your atlasGO challenge stats

Get your team engaged and motivated with challenge statistics! You can share the total of challenge participants, number of photos that have been posted, amount of high fives exchanged, and the progress towards your team’s goal.

Highlight photos with the most engagement

Your team will have a blast sharing photos with each other through the atlasGO app! The top eight photos with the most high fives for the week can be shared to the Slack channel of your choice.

slack integration photos with the most engagement
leaderboard from the atlasgo app

Show off your leaderboard

Keep participants motivated and foster friendly competition by sharing the top ten participants or teams from your challenge.

Display challenge milestones

Keep your team in the loop when you hit challenge milestones. Halfway to your goal? Let your employees know with an announcement!

milestone of atlasgo and slack integration
slack integration set stats

Easy setup

The atlasGO x Slack integration allows you to set it and forget it! Choose when you want your stats, photos, leaderboard, and milestones to be sent and the system will do the rest. 

Why atlasGO x Slack? ⬇️

• 53% of employees are more likely to prioritize health and well-being over work now than they were before the coronavirus pandemic.

• The average return on investment for employee wellness programs is 6 to 1.

• 85% of employees whose employers are engaged in their wellness say they intend to stay at their jobs.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to get your atlasGO challenge connected to Slack!

A Group of coworkers Beside a Table doing High Five

Want to learn more about atlasGO first?

Frequently asked questions

Can I only use this integration if I already have a Slack account?

You must have an active Slack account in order to use the integration. If you don’t have one, you can contact the Slack Sales team

Do I need to set up an atlasGO challenge before I connect Slack?

You will need an active challenge in order to complete the configuration. Here’s more information about our customizable challenge or you can contact our team to get started.

How do I make sure only challenge participants see the stats?

We recommend creating a new dedicated Slack channel for all the participants of the challenge. You can then choose to share the challenge stats directly to that Slack channel.

Can employees engage with the Slack posts?

Yes! Just like any other Slack message, participants can add reactions to the challenge stats, comment, and share.

Do I have to be a Slack workspace admin to set this up?

This will vary depending on your Slack settings, see more here.

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