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The SIGA global sports challenge makes an environmental impact

March 4, 2022 |

The Switzerland-based manufacturer SIGA invited its global employee base to a monthly sports challenge with teroGO. 283 participants logged 5,246 activities. Thanks to a collaboration with One Tree Planted, the challenge made an additional impact. Each hour or kilometer logged on teroGO planted trees!

“Our main idea was to allow all employees around the world to participate in this year’s sports challenge. To promote a healthy lifestyle, to build a global community and make a positive impact!” said Adrian Sommer, Head Of Sales Operations at SIGA.

A holistic approach 

The goal of the internal project team around Adrian and his colleagues Judith Renggli and Sandro Bissig was to make a holistic impact in and outside of SIGA. Motivating the employees to work on their personal fitness, to connect with colleagues around the world, and to support an environmental nonprofit organization. The final format of the initiative was simple: more than 15 activities such as running, swimming, climbing, or team sports were featured. Each activity unlocked trees and the goal was to get to 10,000 trees as quickly as possible.

Friendly competition 

To spice up the format, SIGA organized a team competition featured on teroGO. Teams were based on departments and the most outstanding team and individual performances were honored with attractive prizes. To motivate all participants to reach their personal goal, everyone who unlocked at least 10 trees entered a raffle. 

A man looking at the mountains

Combining a virtual approach with on-site events

In addition to the virtual Challenge, the project teams put together a broad program for people to join forces. On one weekend, a group of SIGA employees went sailing or on a hike. Throughout the work week, yoga classes or coached running sessions were added to the program. Hundreds of selfies and pictures shared on teroGO gave an insight into the success of these sessions.

“It was important to us to not only focus on the virtual aspects of the challenge, but to also offer opportunities to get together with colleagues after such a long period of social distancing.” said Judith Renggli, Developer Team Dynamic

two man taking a selfie in the mountains covered in snow

A result to be proud of

Thanks to the effort of hundreds of employees the initial goals have all been achieved – or more! 35,026 kilometers by foot, on the bike and 5,707 hours of exercising have unlocked 14,599 trees. The team chose a project in Sri Lanka where the 14,559 trees of the SIGA global sports Challenge will be planted this year. Beyond the environmental impact and health benefits the challenge created, the three organizers were most proud of the special spirit throughout the initiative.

“Everyone was supporting each other, sharing selfies and virtual high-fives. It was a very positive experience during challenging times.” said Sandro Bissig, Scrummaster Digital Supply Chain

woman standing in her hands

Challenge Stats:

• 283 SIGA employees participated

• 5,246 activities logged

• 5,707 hours of sports

• 35,026 kilometers on the bike, by foot, and more

• 876 selfies and pictures share

• 8,663 virtual high-fives

• Most importantly: 14,559 🌳 for One Tree Planted!

Are YOU ready to get your employees together and fight climate challenge? Reach out to us!

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