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How Euronav’s employees raised €15k for the whales & boosted wellbeing

december 1, 2022 |

Following the success of their last two challenges, Euronav once again joined forces with teroGO to support the wellbeing of their employees while giving back to the environment.

As a market leader in the transportation and storage of crude oil, Euronav has made it their responsibility to operate a safe and reliable fleet. They embrace sustainability as a core value to ensure the long-term health and success of their people, business, and the environment they work in. 

Euronav’s commitment to the environment motivated them to give back to the ocean with each of their teroGO challenges. 

Under the motto “Make a Move to Improve,” their most recent challenge, Euronav on the Move 2022, supported the Great Whale Conservancy

The Great Whale Conservancy is an environmental NGO focused on protecting the world’s great whales and their habitat. By 2050, they aim to double blue whale numbers by reducing ship strikes. They focus on the Southern Oceans, where the greatest number of blue whales lived prior to the tragic era of industrialized whaling.

Blue whales play a vital role in a balanced ocean ecosystem. By defecating, whales fertilize the microscopic phytoplankton which all sea life depends on. In turn, phytoplankton help mitigate climate change by capturing carbon and producing more than half the world’s oxygen.

With passion and dedication to the cause, Euronav brought together 63 employees throughout the globe to take part in their challenge. 

Throughout the nearly three-month challenge, employees competed in 9 different teams to see who could complete the most impactful activities in support of the whales! They got to choose from a variety of different activities that supported their mental and physical wellbeing, some of which included walking, biking, meditating, kayaking, and soccer. 

Each activity employees completed unlocked a donation for the Great Whale Conservancy. The goal of the challenge was to unlock Euronav’s donation of  €15,000, and their employees did just that by working together as a team!

–> Engage your team

Euronav kept employees engaged throughout their challenge, incorporating creative mini challenges along the way! Staying on theme, for one mini challenge the team was encouraged to collectively travel 5,000 km in a month, as humpback whales regularly travel 5,000 km between breeding and feeding grounds. 

“After a long period of working from home, teroGO enabled us to reconnect in a fun way with colleagues around the world while performing challenges that support a good cause. The challenges allowed us to motivate our employees to incorporate physical exercise into their everyday worklife, as well as raise awareness for mental wellbeing and sustainability. Moreover, we were able to tailor teroGO to our colleagues, by letting them try and experience new things and activities, and to the charity we’ve chosen through the addition of side challenges.” – Enya DERKINDEREN, Communications Coordinator, EURONAV

In addition to supporting the Great Whale Conservancy, Euronav also wanted to help their team incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily working lives. 

On average, research shows it can take 66 days for a habit to truly become automatic. By encouraging their team to complete meaningful activities over the span of three months, Euronav helped employees build healthy habits that will likely last past their challenge.

Euronav chose to engage their team around physical and mindfulness-based activities, a holistic approach to wellbeing. 

Did you know?

Regular physical activity can lower your risk of premature death by 30%.

Meditating can help reduce the chance of being hospitalized for coronary heart disease by 87%.

Euronav’s past teroGO challenges have been just as successful, with employees reporting a change in awareness regarding their own wellbeing and environmental issues, as well as an increase in their physical or mindful activity over the period of the challenge.

Together, the team logged 2,166 meaningful activities and shared 186 sweaty selfies and photos with each other through teroGO’s app feed. They exchanged virtual high-fives with each other and supported their team members as they competed on a leaderboard to see who could contribute the most towards the challenge. 

Do you want to promote company engagement around a good cause next? 

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