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Meet teroGO Ambassadors: Charles Timmermans

juni 18, 2018 |

Meet Charles Timmermans, an engaged teroGO Ambassador!


For this second week, we decided to highlight another of our loyal teroGO users and Ambassador, Charles Timmermans. Charles is an amazing ultra runner. Last year, when living some time in the Bay Area, he challenged himself by running through the entire Grand Canyon with his brother that “is also a great inspiration as he also runs a lot.”

But Charles has not always been such a big runner. Believe it or not, before coming to the Bay Area, he wasn’t running that much. He states, I have been running a bit for many years, but I really start getting into running since September 2016 when I arrived to the bay Area of San Francisco. As I had a lot of free time, I decided to start running weekly. In February 2017, I took the decision to subscribe for the SF Marathon, since that day I started to run regularly. Now that I am back in Belgium, I am training a lot with him in order to achieve further objectives and challenges. Running is special for me because it allows me to escape from everything and to clear my mind while I am on track. It also makes me feel so free when I am on a trail running fast or slow.”

As a true teroGO advocate, Charles is very involved in making a change, he shares, “For the moment, I contribute for the colon cancer and in the past I have been running for different charities. I like to be connect to the charities that I contribute for through teroGO. Outside teroGO, I also contribute for Comequi and Mekong Plus. The first one I help them by organizing car rallyes and raising funds for them. The second one I usually run the 20K of Brussel for them.”

Finally, Charles told us that he loves using teroGO “because I don’t have to do a great effort in order to raise funds and help others, it can be a part of my day to day. As I already love running, I just have to put my shoes on and I am already helping the others. I love the concept and the community that is on it.”

We loved to be able to have a chat with Charles about his running experience and his relation to charity. Continue changing the world with all of your good work, Charles!


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