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5 Ways to Participate in World Environment Day

juni 5, 2020 |

Mother Earth provides all we need to survive. From the air we breathe to the food we consume, it’s vital that we protect this planet in which we inhabit. Starting with the California wildfires that raged through the state to the bushfires that took at a large percentage of the precious Amazon forest, we are looking to take action more than ever on June 5th of this year to ensure the protection of our planet.

Biodiversity is the Theme this Year

According to the UN, this year’s theme for World Environment Day is biodiversity. We celebrate all those that inhabit this earth, from the caterpillar on a leaf to your next-door neighbor. Biodiversity is the foundation of the food chain and ecosystem and therefore is the foundation of all human life.

Can you imagine the fallout that would ensue if just one part of this delicate chain is changed or removed? The earth is at its limits with what we demand from it each year. We would need 1.6 Earths to supply us with all that we take. 

Our habits have led to the destruction that includes decimation of habitats, more agriculture, and of course, climate change and manmade disasters. One supposed manmade disaster is the current pandemic that plagues us all.

To halt these devastating occurrences, we need to take immediate action, and not just on World Environment Day, but every day.

biodiversity representation-monkey in a tree

What You Can Do

Activities for World Environment Day should be ones that people of all ages can participate in. Similar to Earth Day, this day is all about Mother Earth. All those involved can focus on taking small steps and making small changes in their everyday lives that will lead to more sustainable living.

1. Reuse and Recycle

Factors to consider include saving energy and recycling. Sit down with your family members and break down individual habits. Address issues such as conserving water by taking more showers instead of baths and turning off the lights whenever you leave a room.

Reuse and recycle whenever you can live in your household. Try reusable shopping bags instead of the throwaway plastic options (they cost you money too)! When you have a general idea, you can create some sort of point system with prizes at the end of each week if a family member complies.


2. Environmental Cleanup

Picking up litter is always a bonus and a good idea. You can start locally or clean up areas that see more trash buildup, such as beaches and parks.

Prepare large garbage bags and remember to sort the litter as well. Protective gear is important, especially during the pandemic, to keep things sanitary.

person picking up litter

3. Appreciating Nature

Sometimes doing your part can be as simple as appreciating what we have. Appreciating nature by going to a non-crowded space while practicing social distancing and revel in the beauty that is the earth. Think about how you can make the day better for an animal sharing the vicinity. After all, the theme is biodiversity.

Picking up after yourself and activities such as making a birdfeeder and planting more flowers and shrubs for insects such as bees and butterflies to feed on are all ways we can thank nature, celebrate biodiversity and do our part.


4. Plant trees with teroGO

Some of our campaigns here at teroGO are to raise awareness, connect people, and protect the environment. For the latter, we have our Go4Trees campaign. Working together with One Tree Planted, our goal with this challenge is global reforestation. You can plant trees with every workout.

This fits in very nicely with the theme of this year’s World Environment Day since trees are essential to many species of animals in terms of habitat and food. You can do your part in reforestation while getting healthier at the same time!

Every 4 miles you run, hike or walk converts to one tree planted. In order to encourage fellow participants and teammates, you can log your sweaty selfies and high fives, giving everyone involved virtual encouragement.

Join our community of over 4K people and add to the 55K trees planted by downloading the app and participating. Help us reach our goal of 100,000 trees faster by committing to the cause.

#GO4trees sweaty selfies

5. You tell us!

Be creative! We would love to hear what are your ideas to participate in World Environment Day this year. Whether it is a daily habit that you have been doing for a while or a new action that you would take to positively impact the planet, we are all ears. Send your ideas to, and we will be resharing them on social media. 

idea in the nature


World Environment Day is the UN’s way of raising awareness and taking action to protect the environment. Especially in the wake of wildfires and in the midst of a pandemic, it is now more important than ever to remind ourselves of what we can do for the environment in return for all it does for us.

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