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Meet teroGO Ambassadors: Ralph Mesquita

July 16, 2018 |

Meet Ralph, our ultra Ambassador!


You may know the ambassador that we are highlighting in this blog, as he is one of the craziest runners in Belgium: Ralph Mesquita.

Ralph is an ultra runner that is dedicated to putting his miles in for a great cause, which is exactly our mission at teroGO too! He has participated in and leads several amazing running projects throughout the years. His main one would be the EuroCross project, where he ran 5300k in 73 days, from Nordkapp to Tarifa, to fight child obesity. As you can see, Ralph is definitely going the extra mile to fight for his beliefs, and we strongly support that at teroGO.

Find more information about EuroCross for a Cause here, or GO check his Instagram!

Ralph answers questions about running, charities, and teroGO:

Since when have you been running, and what does running mean to you?


I have been running for the past 7 or 8 years, depending on what you consider running. It’s special because running allows you to discover who you are. It allows you to find out if you are a morning person or not, a cheerful person or not, once you’re exhausted and have been running for over 10 hours. It allows you to be yourself. It allows you to think about your problems, avoid them, blow off some steam, to feel sad, happy. A person really finds out who he is at 4 AM after having run 20 hours straight.


As said before, Ralph is very close to several charities and likes to get involved in teroGO’ charities but also in other ones:


On teroGO, I have joined quite a few challenges. The most recent is the Get Your Rear in Gear, fighting against colorectal cancer. I usually work with charities that help bring awareness and fight against childhood obesity. Besides this, I also help the usual bigger charities Unicef, WWF, etc.… I find that each charity has its own way of speaking to each individual, and usually, reasons are very personal to the person.

To finish off, our Belgian ultra runner shared how teroGO was helping him to help others:


 “The thing I love about teroGO is that it allows everyone to help out in a very small way without having to go out of their way. You go out the door and you can make a difference whilst getting fit. It’s a fantastic idea!”

We are very proud to have such an engaged runner as part of our teroGO community. Thank you Ralph for being such an inspiring role model!

Discover more about our ambassadors over here! 


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