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Engage your community

Preserve, build, and engage your community of donors by hosting a virtual challenge.

virtual race video gif

Sweaty Selfie with Four Women and a Baby
man taking a selfie in the park
woman taking a selfie in a pool
group of women taking a selfie in a hike
woman smiling after race
three men riding a bike in a park
Woman with sunglasses with dog in a park
running woman smiling community tree challenge
Sweaty Selfie of a Woman
selfie of a guy after running
selfie of a man from the BIG challenge
Nicolaidis YoungWings Stiftung Charity Challenge Two Men Giving Thumbs Up in a Park
Nicolaidis YoungWings Stiftung Charity Challenge Group of People Smiling and Waving
man riding a bike taking a selfie
woman smiling virtual challenge south africa
group of bikers in front of police car in Narberth Ambulance virtual race
man with bike in front of bridge
old and young man biking
woman celebrating with arms up
Two women and one man doing the thumb ups in blue runner uniforms during their Run for Europe race
a man and women holding medals during the Run for Europe
a group of people all wearing the purple UNICEF t-shirt raising their hands in celebration
couple selfie hiking
bike in front of a road
pair of nike running shoes that the person is wearing for their virtual races
black labrador dog in front of a house in the yard after their virtual races
man overlooking the ocean with Alcatraz in the back
dog looking over the mountains during their virtual races
bridge with water under it where you see the reflexion
sweaty selfie with sponsors

Ready for your virtual fundraising campaign?

1. Custom registration page

Customize your registration page as you want. This includes your logo, your colors, your pictures, your storytelling, your event! Share videos, images, and beneficiary stories to maximize impact. The more impactful messaging you share, the more engagement you will see!

2. App for activity tracking/engagement

Let your participants track their activities, celebrate their impact with sweaty selfies on the app and social media, give each other virtual high-fives, chat in their teams, compete on a leaderboard and interact with your virtual race community. Our app integrates with Strava, Fitbit, and Garmin.

3. Activities

Choose from 350+ fitness and wellness activities for your virtual event. Organize a race, a cycling tour, or make it a wellness challenge by including activities like meditation, dancing, cooking & more!

4. Teams or individuals

Choose how your participants can join your event: individually or as a team? Our app includes leaderboards to see who's leading the event in terms of money raised, hours spent or kilometers/miles traveled. Your participants can also select their own individual goals to go at their own pace.

Get Gutsy challenge dashboard
atlasgo app activities customizable formats
3rd-party-integrations for atlasGO

Trusted by organizations big and small

How do people participate?

Once you have chosen all the elements of your event and your dedicated Customer Success Manager has created your online registration page, you will invite your community to join your virtual race. Purchasing a ticket will allow them to participate through the atlasGO mobile app.

Encourage them to share photos, and motivate each other with virtual high-fives and comments, as they reach their individual goals. Every mile/kilometer and minute logged will help you get closer to your challenge and fundraising goals! Are you ready to GO?

atlasgo app showing activities and photos

Want to talk to our team of Consultants?

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