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Our pricing for non-profit organizations

An opportunity to use the atlasGO platform to connect, and engage your community outside of your physical events. You can also use our platform to create employee engagement opportunities for your corporate partners around your cause.

Do you have more than 1,000 participants? Contact us for a customized quote!

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Start easy with our Do It Yourself solution.

Set up my challenge
{"max": 999, "price": 2000}, {"max": "", "price": 0, "na": "Reach out to us!"},

One-time Premium


Launch a single customizable fundraising campaign.

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{"max": 999, "price": 2500}, {"max": "", "price": 0, "na": "Reach out to us!"},

Annual Pro License


Launch multiple customizable campaigns all year long.

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User fees/event




Core Features

Mobile Application

Customizable Dashboard

Access to your personal admin and account dashboard

Project Management

Onboarding Call

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

5 hours

20 hours

20 hours

Your first event set up

Additional events

Purchase another QuickStart, a one-time premium or Upgrade to Annual Pro License

Purchase another QuickStart, a one-time premium or Upgrade to Annual Pro License

$1,000 per additional event

Software Features


Built by partner

Built by atlasGO

Built by atlasGO


Filters/Overlay for Pictures



We have 350+ wellbeing activities to choose from. Check them out here:




Email communication & notifications




Pinned posts on atlasGO app

Unlimited with Admin Dashboard

Unlimited with Admin Dashboard

Unlimited with Admin Dashboard

Map Feature


Wellbeing Content from WellnessGO



Additional leaderboards

Chapters, location, individual goals, and more.



User support for your challenge (Response within 24h Monday - Friday)

Data / Analytics

Additional add-ons possible, contact us for your specific needs.


What's the role of the designated Customer Success Manager?

Throughout the process, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you and adapt as needed to make sure you hit your goals!

They consult you throughout everything, manage your challenge and analyze the data, adapt the challenge to the various situations that pop up through your challenge’s timeline (add activities, adapt ratios, modify tickets…), send out custom emails, and even share success stories for inspiration.

What data & analytics do we get access to?

We’ll be able to provide you with insights on the ticket purchasing process, the donations made through the peer-to-peer feature, the engagement of your participants, and many more. We will be able to provide you with the necessary data to have weekly prize raffles, shout-outs, rankings, etc. Additionally, we share weekly status updates with our one-time premium and annual pro license partners.

What wellbeing content is offered within the premium or annual pro license model?

We work with a variety of experts that have pre-created videos on things like burnout, stress, sweaty workouts, yoga and meditation, and more!

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