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How to Make Sports a Daily Habit?

Junho 10, 2023 |

We can all agree that regular exercise is a necessity to staying healthy, but it can be tough to make the time. Is it possible to maintain a daily habit of sports and exercise while working full-time? 

According to the CDC, physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It has been shown to improve cognitive performance, reduce risk of disease, and help strengthen your bones and muscles. In this blog, we give tips to help busy working professionals make sports a daily habit.

Start small

From the start, not many of us have the determination to stick to a schedule of an hour at the gym for 3-4 days a week, but building a habit starts with consistency.

Instead of doing long intervals of exercise, try out little workouts here and there, but do it every day. This will make it easier to develop sports and exercise into a daily habit. According to WebMD, just 10 minutes of aerobic activity each day can lower your risk of heart disease.

On average, it takes over two months of consistent action to acquire a habit. So the key here is to exercise as often as possible over this period of time. Let’s face it, doing small workouts that take 15-20 minutes is a lot less time consuming, and seems like less of an ordeal than hour-long workouts.

gym shoes, yoga mat, and weights on marble flooring

Set reminders and goals

A lot of busy employees may just simply forget to exercise. If you’re very busy and find yourself having your phone glued to your hand, we have a solution for you. Using a fitness tracker like an Apple Watch, Fitbit, Strava, or Garmin, can help you stay on track by setting reminders and goals for working out. And the best part is, you can then sync your activities directly on the teroGO app and convert them into trees.

teroGO allows corporations to actively engage and unite their employees through customizable challenges. These challenges are designed to promote various aspects of employee well-being, including physical fitness, mental health, sustainability, and social impact. The best part is that these challenges can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your company, making it a truly unique and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

person jogging in forest

Make it fun

Make exercising fun! When exercising is fun, it feels like less of a chore. If you love music, play your favorite tunes when you exercise. It’s all about positive association. If pain and dread are associated with exercise, it will only become harder and harder to stick to the plan.

When you’re exercising outside, try going slowly, enjoying the scenery, and reveling in nature. If you’re competitive, joining a local sports league is a great way to have a good time while you exercise.

Having a workout buddy is also a fun way to find motivation for getting active. The CDC says when you work out with a partner, you’re more likely to feel motivated, be adventurous with your workouts, and maintain consistency.

Man and Woman Jogging at a Walkway

Rest when you need to

If you’re feeling sore, tired, burnt out, or in pain — it’s a sign you should take a rest day. Resting is crucial to help your body recover. If you push yourself too hard when you need rest, it’s likely you could fall out of your exercise habit, or even strain your muscles. 

Taking a rest day doesn’t always mean not doing any physical activity. In fact, you can utilize your rest days to do light activities like yoga or stretching. This will be beneficial for your body to recover… and make you feel good!

Always listen to your body and rest when you feel you need it. 

Woman In Pink Long Sleeve Shirt And Gray Leggings Doing Yoga

Bring the workout to your workplace

Let’s face it — in our day-to-day lives a majority of us spend most of our time at work, which presents another obstacle to daily exercise. When you spend 8 hours a day working, it makes sense you would want to relax afterwards and not worry about exercising. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to integrate daily fitness into your company culture?

When companies offer teroGO to their employees, the team gets a year-round solution for fitness and overall well-being motivation. While the app allows employees to set goals for themselves, companies can set up community challenges for the whole team to come together to walk, run, bike, and do other sports activities to contribute to the goal of the challenge! 

It’s a gamified, fun way to get active. It’s like you have a whole team of workout buddies motivating you to get active right from your phone!

If you want teroGO at your company, refer us and get $250 towards sports gear!

atlasgo employees ready to go on a run

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