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Our virtual events are 100% customizable to your needs!

Ticket registration & Data Collection

• Choose what types of tickets you want to offer for your challenge, keep it as simple as a registration ticket or bundle your tickets with some swag, set the pricing of these tickets based on your goal, or make them free! You even have the option of giving promo codes for discounted tickets.

• Choose what information to request from your participants in the ticket process (which chapter they’re a part of or their mailing address).

• Easily input the data into your donor CRM tool.

ticket registration
#CASASuperheroChallenge dashboard for Flexible Race Formats

Flexible Race Formats

• Running, biking, cooking, indoor workout, or multiple activities?

• Teams, individuals, or both?

• Marathon or 1-mile walk?

• One-month event or year-long campaign?

Our flexible race formats allow us to meet your needs!

350+ activities to choose from for your challenge

• Choose from more than 350 wellness and fitness activities for your participants.

• Host a virtual 5k, a triathlon, or make it a wellness challenge by including meditation, yoga, and more!

• Be inclusive by adding activities like family walk, DIY projects, and even ME time. We have activities for everyone! 

a screenshot of all the activities an employee can do to stay Connected with Treecemeber
atlas ambassador holding a medal

GO the extra mile

Just like a physical race, you can add goodies to your tickets, such as medals and/or t-shirts to get more ticket sales and let your participants wear your swag.

Invite your corporate sponsors to provide raffle prizes and reward your participants most creative photos, the most engaged with the community, the most active, and more!

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