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Best Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Outubro 9, 2020 |

Unsatisfied and disengaged employees lead to a dysfunctional company. The operation of your company is only as good as its employees. The best way to ensure your company runs smoothly and efficiently is to cultivate employee engagement and satisfaction.

1. The Hands-Off Approach

By a hands-off approach, we don’t mean completely leaving your staff members to their own devices, but for you to allow them more autonomy and flexibility. Instead of delegating tasks every day and micromanaging every minute, give them command of their hours.

Employees will have a certain sense of empowerment when given control of their time. Your leadership can come in the form of end goals or set important milestones they need to achieve. 

Even throwing in the option of remote work, especially during these unpredictable times, can give your employees a sense of control and a feeling of care and support from the company and their leaders.

It also depicts a great sense of trust coming from positions of authority if staff members can complete their tasks as they see fit outside of the company walls.

a women and man virtually engaging and communicating with each other, employee engaging with each other virtually to improve their overall satisfaction.

2. Recognizing Their Efforts with Rewards

Nothing fosters greater satisfaction and engagement than incentives. Your workers need to know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Make them feel valued and respected with some form of recognition. 

You can do this by setting personal achievements. Whoever reaches those goals by a specific period can get their picture up on a wall or a complimentary dinner for their family on the company’s dime.

Employees will appreciate something simple like a gift card, vouchers, or an extra day off. Incentives like these will enable employees to feel like their efforts are recognized in the workplace.

Red card with the word Thank you on the front of it. There is a black pen to the right of the card. Someone is writing a letter to engage with their employee and thank them.

3. Clear Communication

Be transparent with your employees. State clearly what you expect and when you expect it. Nothing drives down engagement and satisfaction than unclear guidelines and information. In fact,  it causes elevated stress and burnout in the workplace.

If you are unclear in your expectations, it breeds dissatisfaction and criticism. Unclear communication will fuel disengagement and a lack of motivation to complete projects to the best of their ability. 

Clear communication is a two-way street. You should also encourage employee opinions and have an open-door policy to safely voice their viewpoints without criticism and with confidence. This way, everyone involved will feel comfortable to speak up when needed and have their opinions be respected and heard.

A open door to a room where a man is at a desk working with a laptop, to improve employee Satisfaction within the workplace

4. Health Means Happiness

A healthy employee is generally a happy one. Healthiness can come in two forms – mental and physical health. As a leader in the workplace, you need to create an environment that promotes both. 

An excellent way to ensure physical health while stepping up engagement and satisfaction is through a physical challenge like a virtual race with teroGO. We offer a virtual platform for nonprofits to raise money for their mission and for companies to create employee engagement.

Start with choosing the type of race and the permissible activities, then the goal and the allotted timeframe. From here, you can encourage your employees to participate and sweeten the deal by adding medals and t-shirts for participants who reach the set goals. 

We offer 24/7 engagement methods with other participants through virtual high fives and sweaty selfies shared with other sweaty changemakers. The best part about teroGO virtual races is they can be done at any time, anywhere!

A satisfied women smiling and stopping with her bike in the forest on large rocks

5. Invest in Your Workforce

Show your employees that you are 100% behind them, offering support every step of the way. Allocate a part of your company budget for training, seminars, and workshops. Let your company be a place where career development is valued and coach your team members personally to improve your relationships and strengthen bonds.

The additional skills that your employees will retain from your investment will benefit both them and your company.

A man in a white shirt engaging and pointing at screen while the man in the yellow shirt is listening, another man and women high five in the background and have a very satisfied look on their faces. Employees are engaging with each other to improve feedback and overall satisfaction.


The bottom line is that happier employees are the number one contributor to a more efficient and engaged workplace. It doesn’t take much to heighten worker satisfaction, and by taking these simple steps, you can lead your team into a more innovative and productive future.

Written by Jess Lin.

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