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Why a Virtual Race Should Be Your Next Running Challenge

Running long-distance races requires a lot of planning, scheduling, and often a bit of travel. Virtual races make running challenges more accessible and fundraising simpler. Back on My Feet is partnering with atlasGO for the Virtual Race for a Cause, and here’s why you should sign up!

Support a Cause from Anywhere in the World 

Can’t make it to the early Back on My Feet morning runs or live in a city that doesn’t have Back on My Feet (yet!)? By signing up for the Virtual Race for a Cause, you can support Back on My Feet and participate in the community no matter where you’re located. Even after the race is over, you can continue logging your miles and raising funds for Back on My Feet with the atlasGo app. 

You’re on Your Own Time

The magic of the virtual race is that there is not a set time to run. You don’t even have to do the entire race in one day! Typically, there is a set mileage and timespan, such as 26 miles over the course of a month. Participants can chip away at those miles throughout that month or bust out a personal marathon in a day. This also means you can show up for your runs at your preferred time of day- evening runners rejoice!

More Friends Can See Your Progress and Your Success

Good news for that aunt in Wyoming who couldn’t support you from the finish line: friends and family can log on and see your accomplishments right on their phone, from anywhere! Having the online element makes gathering supporters and fundraising through social media a breeze. People can see your progress leading up to your race right on the atlasGO app. The more you share, the more they’re aware!

Run Where You’re Familiar

Turn your driveway into a finish line! If you have a favorite trail or road to run on, it can be your new racetrack in a virtual race. This means there is no need to get up early to get to the marathon and no need to travel to a faraway destination (and find parking) to start off the race.

You Can Still Get Something Shiny

Participants in virtual runs don’t have to miss out on a medal for their collection. In fact, signing up for the Virtual Race for a Cause gets participants a medal*, discounts on running swag, and the chance to win awesome prizes in their raffle – all while supporting Back on My Feet! 

*Applies to those who sign up at the $25 level. Participants who sign up for $10 do not receive a medal but still, get a chance to win raffle prizes!

Ready to Sign Up for the Virtual Race for a Cause?

Runners interested in taking part in the Virtual Race for a Cause just need to purchase a ticket (which is donated to Back on My Feet!) and log 26 Miles on the atlasGO app between the 10th of September and the 1st of October. Find out more about how you can participate in this great event for Back on My Feet hier!

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