Create community and corporate engagement for your non-profit with Virtual Races.

Create your own virtual race

Why Virtual Races?

Engage your community

Engage thousands of sweaty changemakers for a targeted moment. (1 day, 1 week, 1 month…)

Raise more money

Increase the number of donations to your organization thanks to customizable solutions.

Access to data

Branded sweaty selfies, collect email addresses & stats for your organization.

Reach more people

Thanks to our virtual solution, you can reach more people anywhere in the world.

Leverage corporate sponsors

Create more value for your corporate partners incentivizing them to give more!

Low cost / low risk

Since your race is virtual, you can engage thousands of people without increasing your operational costs.

two phones side by side with the atlasGO app on the screen

Key Features

– Live and virtual signups

– Geolocation tracking in app

– Milestone emails and notifications

– Rewards and prizes fulfillment

– Works with Strava, Fitbit and Garmin

three phones side by side with the atlasgo app in the screen

Thank you to all our partners!

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