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Swiss Re gebruikt atlasGO het hele jaar door

Since its first pilot in 2017, Swiss Re’s global atlasGO Challenge became a beloved yearly tradition amongst Swiss Re employees all over the world. In 2021, Swiss Re further broadened its partnership with atlasGO. The goal: let other departments and Swiss Re locations use atlasGO for their own smaller, local initiatives. The results are noteworthy!

The yearly tradition of doing good for yourself and others

Every year, op Swiss Re Foundation challenges Swiss Re employees to run, walk, bike, and more to support an impactful cause. With every activity submitted on atlasGO, Swiss Re employees unlock donations until the overall goal is reached or time runs out. The global challenge usually lasts a month and attracts thousands of employees, friends, and family. 

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“Our yearly atlasGO challenge allows us to create awareness for the work of the Swiss Re Foundation, for our partners but most importantly, to connect Swiss Re employees from all over the world in a way it was not possible before we partnered with altasGO.” – Yeshe Zarotsang, project manager for the Swiss Re Foundation and responsible for the atlasGO partnership.

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Expanding to over 10 atlasGO Challenges in 2021!

The need for virtual community engagement is not only global but a local one as well. Various local committees inquired with the Swiss Re Foundation to use atlasGO for their own initiatives.

The platform has evolved greatly over the years and people took note. We have expanded the activities for our global challenge to include social- and environmental impact activities. But most importantly, the new license model allows us to let other Swiss Re entities use the platform for their local activities.” says Yeshe.

Thanks to this new model, over 10 atlasGO Challenges have happened within Swiss Re in 2021

A few examples:

• During Mental Health month Swiss Re organized an atlasGO Challenge raising awareness for mental health and supporting a mental health initiative of the ICRC reaching more than 2,400 hours on activities that are good for mental health like reading a book, meditation, and even playing music. 

• Swiss Re UK organized a Focused, Further, Together Challenge to support their local Charity of the Year Place2Be aiming to unlock the donation funds with activities like baking, yoga, gardening, and more.

• OctobeRun was a simple virtual run organized by the Swiss Re office in Bratislava inspiring their employees to boost their health, stretch and clear their heads from long home-office hours.

• The Swiss Re events team used atlasGO leading up to a global team event for a Swiss Re department

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Big ambitions for 2022

Other local Challenges took place in Hong Kong, Bangalore, and Zurich. For Yeshe, this is only the start. “It would be fun to have an atlasGO Challenge running on each continent in 2022. We are confident to reach this goal thanks to the positive feedback we are getting from local organizers and our confidence in the atlasGO team to proactively lead these additional projects with minimal involvement from our end.”

atlasGO is up for that challenge and excited for the impactful partnership with the Swiss Re Foundation!

Interested in partnering with atlasGO?

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