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Engage employees to move against carbon

For European Mobility Week and World Car Free Day, are you looking for ways to raise awareness, educate, and engage your employees around sustainable mobility?

Join us in our movement to cultivate a healthier world and start implementing eco-friendly transportation and movement habits within your company. 

sustainable mobility challenge image with a CO2 reduction goal

Een studie toont aan dat vervoer verantwoordelijk is voor ongeveer 64% van het olieverbruik in de wereld, 27% van alle energiegebruik en 23% van de energiegerelateerde kooldioxide-uitstoot.

Gelukkig kunnen bedrijven dit drastisch verminderen door hun werknemers aan te moedigen duurzame mobiliteit te gebruiken. Dit is waar atlasGO je mee kan helpen

Mobilize employees around sustainable mobility with atlasGO 

As European Mobility Week and World Car Free Day approach, we’re excited to offer companies a cutting-edge solution for encouraging their employees to move against carbon with:

1. Activities around transport and movement: Walk to work, Carpool/Rideshare, Walk your dog, Public transportation, Bike with friends, and much more.)

2. Achievements and clubs to work on personal goals and bond over shared interests.

3. Expert content to improve the holistic well-being of your employees and your organization.

Each time an employee records one of these activities on the atlasGO application, it contributes to the company’s carbon footprint goal, chosen beforehand.

sustainable Mobility Feed Post in atlasgo wellbeing platform

Engage your employees while you promote a healthier environment!

Want to learn more about bringing sustainable mobility into your workplace?

tapio report for sustainable mobility

Measure your carbon footprint with Tapio

Meet je CO2-impact met Tapio and see how much your sustainable mobility challenge has improved your carbon footprint.

• A certificate acknowledging your carbon reduction efforts and positive impact on employee habits and engagement.

• Een bedrijfsdoel gemeten in vermeden CO2 if employees change their commuting habits. 

• En volledig Tapio-rapport aan het einde van je mobiliteit uitdaging. 

• En voor en na analysis of your carbon footprint as a company (Alleen op verzoek)

Why choose atlasGO?

We have everything you need to attract, engage, and bring employees together.

Plus, unbeatable pricing for this themed challenge:

$1,500 setup + $6/employee

Valid until 31 August 2023

wellbeing expert team and customer service

1. Quality service

We lighten your workload with our quality service and Customer Success Managers, who can even build the challenge for you. We understand the challenges faced by busy HR professionals, and offer our support to reduce your burden and meet your unique needs.

2. Unique community building

Our platform combines the elements of community and personal wellbeing to enhance campagnes. Our community selfie feed allows colleagues to exchange virtual high-fives and comments, fostering a supportive environment that promotes discipline and self-care.

Hands high fiving
People gardening together

3. Bridge the gap between wellbeing & impact

To achieve a holistic state of personal wellbeing, we believe that our planet and communities need to be well, too. As a benefit corporation and certified B Corp, we can seamlessly help you integrate sustainable development and mobility into your business.

15-Minute Call

Want to know more about starting an atlasGO Sustainable Mobility Challenge?

Choose your time and date below to book your call with one of our experts:

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