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People running for good causes. “So, What?..”

januari 10, 2018 |

One of my big passions as a social entrepreneur is questioning the “So, What?” behind social and environmental initiatives. Thank you, Jonny, for brainwashing me with this 7 years ago when working on my first ever social initiative! This “So, What?” helps me to really understand what impact is being created and what that change looks like.

So naturally, I did this with our company, atlasGO.

With atlasGO, the impact model we’ve created consists of


1) the funding donated to non-profits,

2) the awareness created about those causes

3) the engagement of our runners.


We’ve put together our 2017 Annual Impact report that will come out at the end of the month. In that, you will be able to read about all of our 2017 challenges: the amazing root cause organizations we’ve chosen to work with and the sponsors making it all possible.

The heart of the impact we are channeling is the work of the amazing non-profits we partner with. And yes, that change is happening because of an atlasGO campaign, thanks to a corporate sponsor and all of the miles run by the community.

I highlight community as the “So, What?” to focus on today because that’s the change we, atlasGO, as an organization, are creating. We bring together the partners, but it’s the runners that take part in these challenges and engage in making a difference.

Making a difference, “So, What?

I wanted to share with you five posts that highlight this “So, What?” in five completely different ways—the “So, What?..” behind our runners.


Magali Mathieu 

Chief Partnership Builder & Co-founder, atlasGO

Connect on | San Francisco


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