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In It to End It

augustus 19, 2020 |

teroGO is proud to announce the completion of another one of our virtual races! The In It to End It challenge was a collaboration of 4 of the Bay Area’s most prominent nonprofit organizations, which provide shelter and support for victims of domestic violence. 

Together, they have formed the Bay Against Abuse coalition. The coalition raised over $35,000 with the help of hundreds of sweaty changemakers and their sponsors!

About the Challenge

CORA, La Casa De Las Madres, SAVE, en Next Door Solutions wanted to address the prevalent yet not widely discussed issue of domestic violence. Therefore, they came together to create this virtual challenge. While crime rates fall, the global pandemic has increased domestic violence rates. This is due to the close vicinity and long hours people spend holed up together at home.

Each of these organizations does its part. They… 

– Spread awareness

– Offer 24-hour support

– Provide legal services

With these actions and more, they help the victims of these unfortunate circumstances to stand on their own two feet again. When victims feel like there is nowhere else to turn, the member organizations of the Bay Against Abuse coalition are there for them.

To help further the reach and awareness for domestic violence, Bay Against Abuse banded together to create a virtual race. They were able to fundraise for their cause and help to spread awareness about this important issue.

Bay Against Abuse Logos: Cora, La Casa de Las Madres, Save, Next Door

The Format 

Individuals were encouraged to join in this virtual challenge. Participants could exercise their minds and bodies with multiple activity options, taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle. At the same time, they drew attention to a serious social issue.

For the month of July, each sweaty changemaker was required to collect a minimum of  1,000 purple hearts. Once the individual reached the goal, they were automatically entered in a random draw. They could win authentic San Francisco 49ers items, including signed footballs – a real treat for football fans!

The participants chose their activities and logged their hours and distance, which would translate to purple hearts. Included activities were yoga, cycling, dancing, rowing, and strength training, among others. Rope jumpers and stair climbers received the most hearts per hour, while swimmers yielded the most for distance at 25 hearts per mile. 

The coalition encouraged individuals to go the extra distance by purchasing a T-shirt or tank top to show their support for Bay Against Abuse and to make donations to help victims. We would like to take some time to thank the sponsors of this event. All this couldn’t have been possible without the San Francisco 49ers, COMPASS, and Carelle Karimimanesh, a CORA board member who all donated time, effort, and resources to make this virtual challenge happen. 

eagle on a rock
sweaty selfie Husband and Wife in City
Two People Sitting in Kayaks on the Ocean
Sweaty Selfie with Four Women and a Baby
sweaty selfie Woman Man and Baby Hiking
dramatic picture of bike
Woman Walking in Nature
Sweaty Selfie of a 2 Women Working Out
Sweaty Selfie of a Woman

The Results

For the month of July, with over 4,000 logged hours and over 8600 miles, the In It to End It virtual race reached its goal. With the help of 195 sweaty changemakers, they raised close to 150,000 hearts!

All those involved shared virtual high fives and sweaty selfies to motivate one another to keep pushing for the cause.


The participants alike raved about the teroGO app! It gave them a virtual platform that fostered a sense of unity and provided tools for community outreach. 

Bay Against Abuse, the organization, formed by four nonprofit organizations that fight against domestic violence, shares the same sentiment. They say that working on this virtual race has brought them closer together and provided the opportunity to raise awareness on domestic abuse. 

Users loved the usability of the teroGO app – with one saying, “The app has an easy interface, and folks really took to it.” When asked how participants would describe teroGO in one sentence, a participant eagerly responded by stating that the app does a great job by “Getting the job done in an effortless, fun way.”

Woman Stretching Quote atlasGO


This particular virtual race has been a special one. Our clients were able to create a movement to really make an impact and give well-deserved focus to the victims and spread knowledge and understanding of an ever-present issue.

By blending local nonprofits into one large organization, Bay Against Abuse has reached its goal, given a voice to the victims, and done an incredible job in fighting against family violence. The coalition is already looking forward to the second edition of the In It to End It Challenge in 2021!

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Written by Jess Lin.

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