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How you can engage your employees around climate change

maart 10, 2022 |

Let’s Celebrate Earth Month! 

Each year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970. Today, Earth Day is widely recognized and celebrated by more than one billion people each year. It is a day of action to change human behavior and create policy changes at the global, national, and local levels.

The entire month of April is therefore dedicated to the planet, sustainability, and climate and is called Earth Month. 

How to celebrate Earth Month as a company? 

The scientific evidence is unequivocal: climate change is a threat to human well-being and the health of the planet and a warning of the consequences of inaction. 

It is companies’ chance to take action and do something special at a time in human history when the earth needs our help more than ever. Each company has a direct impact on the planet, and your employees and consumers care about it. Which is all the more reason to be aware of it and act accordingly.

Need some inspiration on how you can act on your own scale and include your employees in this journey?

👉🏼 Here are 3 ways teroGO can help you organize a team-building initiative around environmental impact:

group of coworkers fist pumping

1. 🌳 Organize a team-building around well-being and environmental impact. 

At teroGO, we give you the opportunity to organize team-building activities that support the environment

Our most popular solution is called a tree planting challenge and it’s so easy to organize!

1. We help you find a reforestation partner you would like to support.

2. Your choose from our 300 activities the one you want to include in your team-building campaign. Running, biking, yoga, meditation, cooking, reading, etc., there is something for everyone. 

3. You grow trees that your employees get to “plant” with their daily activities. Every activity counts and can unlock trees. 

4.Planting trees is a great way to ensure sustainability. They have a positive impact on water, air, and biodiversity. Reforestation also helps create jobs where tree-planting organizations operate and, finally, trees have an impact on health. They reduce stress and anxiety. 

Pretty easy to organize right? 

This is of course not the only solution! You can support the environmental charity of your choices, such as one that protects the ocean, endangered species, or even the wildlife. 

man planting trees

2. 🌳 Promote environmentally friendly activities 

During your challenge, your employees will not only be able to unlock funds or plant trees by doing sports or wellness activities, but you can also go further in promoting environmental-friendly activities such as:

• Veggie cooking

• Composting

• Volunteering

• Walk2Work

• Bike2Work

• Picking up trash

• Recycling

• Gardening

• … 

man biking to work

3. 🌳 Be inspired – Other companies have already done so 

• Everzinc has been supporting the cause of the oceans with all its employees for the past 2 years with teroGO. 

• Lululemon decided to support “One Tree Planted”, to plant trees in Uganda to restore chimpanzee habitat. 

• Same for XLG, who, with all his employees, supported “Graine de Vie”, another of our tree-planting partners.

• Ngage also planted trees with their employees in support of “We forest”. 

man and woman doing yoga

Be the next one on the list! Organize your own team-building for an environmental cause with us. It is up to you to make this month more than just a CSR initiative and a hashtag. It’s up to you to make meaningful, long-term changes. 

Of course, it takes a village to reverse climate change but you can start somewhere today! Are you ready to step up and make a difference? Let’s GO!

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