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How WIP Raised $60k Engaging Partners & The Community

april 16, 2019 |

Women coming together for change!


As a woman and co-founder of tech for a good app, I feel so grateful for all the women who came before me, standing up, speaking out, running the Boston Marathon for the first time! In 1967, Kathrine Switzer signed up with her initials to hide the fact that she was a woman and continuously ran as the race director tried to drag her out. Seeing all these women ran the race yesterday, it’s beautiful to see progress.

There are so many iconic women who’ve pushed for equal opportunity, and March was a push to celebrate these historical moments that have shaped change. It’s also a reminder to continue. There is still work to be done, and that it doesn’t stop this month.

As this challenge feels especially close to my heart, I am proud that teroGO chooses to be a part of the change, and I invite you to March with us on the app. 

What is the teroGO Challenge?


Pendo, Walmart, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and PayPal have teamed up to sponsor you for every mile you run, walk, and bike on the app.

You can join the challenge and start to unlock the $60,000 sponsored for Women In Product. WIP works to educate, empower, and create a global community of women product managers to build impactful products at scale across 30+ global chapters.

Executive Director, Women In Product, Anne Cocquyt shares

The organization has grown +300% in the last 6 months beyond US borders to Europe and Asia. I hope that this challenge will connect women in product across the globe, create a deeper sense of community and make women feel less alone as they’re often ‘the onlys’ in a room.”


Thank you to all the sponsors for taking part and for all of you supporting teroGO on this journey. I hope to see you on the app wherever in the world you are!


How to get involved?


Join the challenge on the teroGO app!


Magali Mathieu 

Chief Partnership Builder & Co-founder, teroGO

Connect on | San Francisco

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