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Fit for Trees Challenge with One Tree Planted – an update

maart 8, 2021 |

teroGO, One Tree Planted en Boomhi worked together in a collaborative effort to fight deforestation in 2020. Now that  a few months have passed since  the completion of our Fit for Trees challenge, we wanted to give our community an update on what we accomplished!  

About our tree planting non-profit

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that strives to make the world a healthier place by focusing on bettering the environment. The non-profit’s primary focus is on reforestation and helping the planet one tree at a time. Reforestation efforts have more benefits than just clean oxygen for all life on earth because, for instance, trees have an essential role in repairing and restoring balance for land and marine ecosystems.

We were very excited for the chance to work with such a distinguished organization and to put together a challenge that not only planted trees but saved orcas as well!

About the Challenge 

Centered on planting trees, the Fit for Trees challenge aimed to restore watersheds to preserve Chinook salmon, the primary food source for orcas. At the time of the challenge, only 75 of these marine mammals remained.

Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Boomhi, we set out to raise awareness for orcas’ well-being and reforestation with One Tree Planted. We offered a list of physical distance and time-based activities that participants could choose from to contribute to the end goal. Some examples of these fun but challenging activities include hiking, running, meditation, and even trash pickup!

Fit For Trees challenge participant kneeling after a run in the woods

Each activity our participants selected was converted into trees planted. To help reach the overall goal of 50,000 trees, participants encouraged each other by sending virtual high fives and sharing sweaty selfies for motivation.

The challenge was very successful in reaching participants worldwide due to the convenience of a virtual platform without time and location constraints. 

participant posing for a sweaty selfie using the atlasGO mobile app

What We Achieved

Together we planted 50,000 trees!

  • 2,306 active sweaty changemakers worked together to save orcas and plant trees
  • 67,416 hours logged
  • 242,700 km traveled (That’s 6 times around the world!)
  • 33,746 activities were submitted  
  • 2,735 selfies and pictures posted on the teroGO app
  • 1,255 comments posted on the feed to motivate one another
  • 17,544 virtual (COVID-friendly ) high-fives

The Top 10 participants on the challenge leaderboard planted almost 3,000 trees altogether! A few hardworking sweaty changemakers even managed to earn special awards of their own in categories such as most sweaty selfies shared, most activities logged, and most trees planted.

participant smiling for sweaty selfie using atlasGO's mobile app

What Happens Next?

Our Fit for Trees challenge was part of One Tree Planted’s Pacific Northwest project, which is about to enter its third year. As a large and widely-encompassing initiative, One Tree Planted will continue to pave the way to planting more trees and saving more animals. 

The trees from the Fit for Trees Challenge will be planted in the next phase of this project, which will be completed between January and May of 2021. There will be over 30 native tree species;  some of the more familiar ones include Red Elder, Pacific Dogwood, Grand Fir, and Bigleaf Maple. 

The trees will be planted in the Pacific Northwest from BC to Washington, Oregon, and California, focusing on Oregon and Washington. 

people posing on top of a mountain after hike


With everything going on in the world right now, it’s more important than ever to feel connected to our fellow humans. When physical contact is unsafe, teroGO has sought to engage communities across the world through a virtual platform, all while saving animals and the environment at the same time. However, those aren’t the only benefits we have seen. Our sweaty changemakers have also experienced a healthier lifestyle and felt a greater sense of community across the globe. 

Written by Jess Lin.

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