The benefits of giving back

Giving back to the community is something everyone should be doing. Whether it’s individually or through a company, your contribution matters. Giving back can improve your life and others in so many ways. Here’s how:

You feel happier.


In research done by the National Institute of Health, it was found that the act of giving stimulates the mesolimbic pathway, which is the reward center of the brain and is associated with connection and pleasure. This secretes “feel good” chemicals in our brain like oxycontin, serotonin, and dopamine. When you’re feeling down, instead of going out and treating yourself, try and do something for someone else and see how you feel.

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You create a ripple effect.


A popular social theory suggests that when someone witnesses another person giving back, they feel the need to do the same. By helping out others, you can create a ripple effect and lead to more change in the world!

You’re making a change.


The most important reason for giving back is you create change in the world. If you have the chance to better someone or a group of people’s lives, why not do it? Make the change you hope to see in the world!

There are tons of ways you can give back to the community. Some ideas are donating to charity, volunteering, participating in fundraisers, helping those in need, etc. At atlasGO, we give back by raising awareness and funds for certain issues through our employee engagement campaigns, virtual races, and community challenges. Our users give back by just logging their activity on the atlasGO app since their exercise activity converts to money for charities. Users have the ability to give back while also benefiting their own life! There are so many opportunities to give back, so take a chance to help change the world.

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