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A Community of Sweaty Changemakers

juli 22, 2019 |

For teroGO, engaging a community of sweaty changemakers goes beyond employee engagement. It’s about bringing together a community of individuals passionate about getting active for a cause, which goes far beyond the company’s walls. From ambassadors to weekly fun runs, teroGO works to incorporate a global community of sweaty changemakers into the company’s mission and goals.


From employees to interns to users of the app, countless members of the teroGO community are actively making a difference through fitness. Perhaps the most dedicated and passionate among this group is that of the teroGO ambassadors: teroGO enthusiasts with a passion for serving their community by promoting the company and its mission wherever they go. 

Our ambassadors are active worldwide, from here in the Bay Area to Belgium and beyond. Many of our ambassadors participate in our weekly fun runs in San Francisco, even leading and organizing the routes for some of them. They also participate in various runs for good causes, such as the Colon Cancer Coalition’s Get Your Rear in Gear 5k this past weekend. 

We are happy to welcome a new batch of teroGO ambassadors, individuals ready to go the extra mile by making an impact through leadership and community building. Read more about our ambassadors and what they do hier.

Fun Runs

One of the most consistent ways teroGO works to engage community members in the app and fitness, in general, is through a weekly run through San Francisco. These runs are a great way to meet teroGO employees, ambassadors, as well as other runners of all experience and abilities (all while enjoying the beautiful scenery the city has to offer!) Interested in joining a community of sweaty changemakers on our next run? Head over to Decathlon (Market St.) every Tuesday at 6:30 pm to get sweaty with team teroGO!  


Sweaty Changemakers

But perhaps the easiest and most effective way to become a part of team teroGO and accelerate real change in your community is to simply download the app and get out there! Whether it is running, biking, or even just walking, getting active and raising funds for a variety of causes has never been easier. So download the teroGO app and get moving! This community of sweaty changemakers does more than just run for a cause, though. It is also a place to share news and happenings in the world of fitness, health, and overall social good. To get involved in this community of sweaty changemakers, check out our Facebook page

Lindsey Pfeiffer
Content Marketing Intern, teroGO
Connect on LinkedIn | teroGO | San Francisco


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