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4 Areas To Focus On For Better Employee Retention

juni 24, 2022 |

It goes without saying that the productivity of any company chiefly lies in the hands of the employees of that company. This is the reason why every business owner wants to go for the best team to move the company. However, some employers lose focus on their employees and get busy with other aspects of the company, forgetting that they have competitors who are also looking for the veterans they have. Employee retention is very critical to the success of a company and more important than employing professionals. Your ability to retain your staff tells a lot about your company to other prospective employees. Here are some areas to focus on for better employee retention. 

Respect them

One of the things that can make your employees endeared to you is the respect you accord them. Yes, you are their boss but you will decide not to be ‘bossy’. It means a lot to them when you relate with them as friends and don’t treat them like trash. For example, if you need to correct any member of the team, you can call the person to your office and not do it publicly in the presence of his or her colleagues. Your choice of words should also be friendly, not harsh. These little things are very important and could indirectly lead to the success of the company on all fronts. It is said that people may forget what you said but they will always remember the way you made them feel.

Create a culture of inclusion

An inclusive culture at the workplace will enable the diverse workplace to thrive. That cultural and environmental feeling of belonging to the company is what inclusion is all about. Organizations that have successfully established a diverse workforce can enjoy the benefits that come with it. This culture of inclusion comes in different forms. For example, if you employed some expats based on their expertise but they speak a different first language to your language, you can make things easier for them by getting translation solutions for them instead of just leaving them to continue struggling with the first language of your country. I was discussing with a friend who works in Houston and he told me that on many occasion, his company had sought the help of Houston translation services to assist in offering documents and presentations in different languages to help the international employees feel more at home. This is a very good employee retention strategy as the international employees would think that they are valued by the company irrespective of their different cultures. All races should be accorded the same treatment in the office. This helps retain your diverse employees for a very long time.

Provide opportunities for growth

A professor of organizational behavior, Daniel M. Cable wrote that many organizations have been deactivating the part of employees’ brains called the seeking system. He wrote further that our seeking system creates natural impulses to explore our worlds, learn about our environments, and extract meaning from our circumstances and when we follow the urges of our seeking system, it releases a neurotransmitter linked to pleasure and motivation and makes us want to explore more. If companies want to keep their top individuals and keep their brains engaged, they need to create new opportunities for them. Most employees will leave if they feel that they are not in an environment where they can grow. Promotions should be taken seriously and the employees should be allowed to undergo more training to make them grow their careers. This helps retain employees better.

Encourage effective collaboration and networking

Our well-being will receive more juice when there is human interaction and connection. As an employer, you can indirectly discourage collaboration and connectedness amongst your staff. All you need to do is create a tense atmosphere with your attitude and you don’t need to do anything else. To ensure effective networking and collaboration amongst your employees, you need to be able to join in. You need to be free with your staff, laugh with them, and relate with them like a family. Your office can also be designed to aid better connection amongst employees. How? You can create a section of the office for that purpose. The furniture in that section should be parlor-standard. You can even set up a gym section. Any activity within the office that can bring employees together is good. You can read more hier about employee wellness through collaboration. When you create an avenue for bonding amongst the employees and also form a bond with them, it can go a long way in helping you retain your employees. It is not that easy to leave your second family in the name of getting another offer.

Final word

Employee retention is far more beneficial to any company than recruiting new hands. Many business leaders spend time and money to figure out what employees need to stay with the company for long and their valiant efforts in keeping their staff usually come out productive. If you have been experiencing too many exits from your company, then you need to come up with ideas to retain your employees better. You can try out the tips above too.


Written by Josh Levinne. 

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