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how to create an employee wellness challenge - engaging mobile app atlasGO

What is a Virtual Race and why do we partner with RTI? 

It is a virtual organized fitness or wellness event, allowing you to activate your community, engage people all around the world and sell more tickets. 

Use atlasGO to add a virtual component to your existing race or GO virtual 100% and reduce your operational costs!

As an additional and optional service, we partner with RTI to create personalized medals and send them to all participants at the end of your virtual race.

man and woman showing a medal
atlas ambassador holding a medal
woman holding a medal
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girl showing a medal with a green shirt

About atlasGO

atlasGO is a San Francisco and Brussels based Social Business and Certified B Corp with the vision to build a global community of sweaty changemakers

atlasGO’s mission is to develop a community where engaged runners, non-profits and corporations join forces to create positive awareness around social & environmental issues and to accelerate impactful change.

The atlasGO app raises funds, awareness, and engagement for impactful causes by engaging their users to track sports or other activities.

About Random Tuesday 

Random Tuesday Inc (RTI) is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on inspiring fandom communities to be more physically active while making a positive change in the world.

As one of the largest virtual running organizations in the world, they are experts in medal design, production and shipping.  

Over the last six years, RTI has produced and delivered custom fandom-themed medals to more than 220,000 virtual race participants in over 60 countries around the world.

How to create your Virtual Race?

Online registration & ticketing

Get your community to sign up to your race. We offer flexible ticket options, donation and payment integrations!

Mobile application

Let your participants complete their race and engage digitally. Let your community celebrate their impact with sweaty selfies and virtual high-fives!

Sponsorships & storytelling

Spread awareness, share impactful stories and offer your sponsors attractive packages with visibility throughout your virtual race.


Premium service starting at $2,500 setup fee + user fees

*Discounts may apply, contact us directly for more detail.

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  • Request a free demo

  • About your organization

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GO virtual and make your event even bigger!


Selected virtual races will be promoted to the RTI’s Fanthropy Running Clubs to invite their 80,000+ supporters to participate in your virtual race.

woman holding a medal

Reward your participants with medals

RTI will be in charge of designing, manufacturing and shipping the medals to the participants at the end of the race.  

We can make and send your personalized medals (starting at 10$ / participant).

They already made an impact with us!

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What our partners say

Matt Hill

“Working together with atlasGO is a great opportunity for us to not only plant 100,000 trees but to raise awareness and engagement around everyday actions for sustainability.”


Founder @OneTreePlanted

Brian Biggs

“Powered by Fanthropy® is excited to partner with atlasGO to assist non-profits to execute exciting virtual running events by taking care of the logistics of medal design, production, and fulfillment”

Brian Biggs

CEO & Co-Founder of Random Tuesday, Inc

Adam Garone

"Love what atlasGO is doing to grow a global movement that makes a difference... one step at a time."


Founder, Movember

Sara Broyles

"atlasGO isn't just about raising money, it is about building a community, promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping people to actively engage in making a change in the world... one sweat at a time."


atlasGO ambassador


How much does it cost to create a virtual race?

Reach out to us and we’re happy to provide you with a quote! In general, we charge a fee to implement your virtual race based on your needs. On top of that, we charge a ticket fee and for the implementation of sponsors. However, we do not charge you based on the amount of funds you raise with your virtual race. The more you raise, the happier we are. We also try to make sure to offer you pricing that reflects a low-risk, high-reward approach to ensure a low barrier of entry for your virtual race!

Will you help me to market my virtual race?

We are happy to help you by providing best practices and tips on how to communicate and market your virtual race to your community. However, we want to set clear expectations that our responsibility is to deliver on the technical implementation, execution and maintenance of your virtual race. While we will feature your race on we cannot guarantee that members of our community will join your virtual race. It is your responsibility to market your race and to make sure that your community is joining your cause!

How does the app track? Do you integrate with wearables?

atlasGO has a GPS tracking app, there’s also a manual option for people to enter their information if you would like to offer that option. atlasGO is also  fully integrated with these below:

    • Strava
    • Fitbit
    • Garmin

How does a virtual race work?

As a company, you can choose the charity with which you want to organize the event to raise funds, ticket prices, activities, features, and maximum number of participants if necessary. You are however not obliged to create a virtual race linked to a non profit if you want to keep all the profits for your organization. 

As a non-profit, the organization of the virtual race is the same but the funds raised will be for you. 

atlasGO will set-up the personalized virtual race you like while RTI will design, manufacture and ship the medals to the participants after the race. 

The participants will get a secret link to access the virtual race so they do have to download the atlasGO app but they won’t be on the community version of the app.

Can I add a medal for my participants?

Yes! Remember to ask us for more details when you reach out! Orders start out at minimum 100 medals. We help design, manufacture and ship the medals to participants.

Can I try out the atlasGO application or see an example of a virtual race?

Yes, of course! Feel free to try atlasGO and give it a try. You can join one of our free challenges to experience the most important features of the application. Please consider that these challenges do not show you the whole set of options you will have for your virtual race! You can also contact us and we are happy to provide you with references.

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