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Boost Workplace Wellbeing: Embrace the Power of Mindfulness for Enhanced Employee Performance and Satisfaction

Together with our exclusive partner, Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs), we created an engaging Challenge to explore mindfulness practices and activities that boost focus, reduce stress, and nurture a positive work environment.

Mindful Awareness Practices platform with video content and teroGO's application showcasing a mindfulness Challenge.

Navigate Workplace Stress

  • 94% of US workers report experiencing workplace stress.
  • Work is ranked as one of the top three sources of stress among American adults.
  • Over 25% of employees are at risk of burning out in the next 12 months.
  • 54% of workers report that work related stress impacts their home life. 
  • Companies spend 75% of an employee’s annual salary to hire replacements and make up for lost productivity.

Launch the Shifting Perspectives Challenge: 30 Days to a Mindful Mindset

  • Embark on this 30-day mindfulness Challenge, turning your workplace into a hub of serenity and well-being.
  • The Challenge focuses on mindfulness activities. Whether you’re a meditation maven, a yoga enthusiast, or just curious about mindfulness, we’ve got something for everyone.
  • We partnered with MAPs to bring you 4 hours of exclusive video content and practice exercises covering the following topics:
    • Introduction to mindfulness & self-care 
    • Perception & focus
    • Positive emotions & gratitude
  • Employees will interact as a community as they track activities, share inspiring photos, exchange virtual high-fives, compete on leaderboards, and more. 
  • Our team of experts will run the entire Challenge for you. All you have to do is bring the hype!
teroGO application with selfie/picture feed, high-fives, and activities.

Regulate Workplace Stress with MAPs

MAPs programs provide an educational experience with world-class instructors from prestigious institutions across the country. Their comprehensive, research-based online programs teach transformative skills and practices to integrate into our lives in a way that is accessible and relevant. 

Mindful Awareness Practice for Workplace Wellness was developed because employees dedicate so much of their time and effort to work, it’s time to find a better work-life balance. The program offers a comprehensive approach to stress management for workplace professionals taught by former Fortune 50 Executives. The courses are rooted in Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Self-Compassion. 

Employees will learn how to create sustainable rituals for self-care, cultivate resilience, and explore various Mindful Awareness Practices.

Module 1: Introduction to mindfulness & self-care

Get an introduction to the foundations of Mindfulness, and learn the importance of practicing sustainable self-care rituals in and out of the workplace.

Module 2: Perception & focus

Build your capacity to focus. Learn to calm your mind, focus your attention, and stay present with what is happening inside you and around you.

Module 3: Positive emotions & gratitude

Understand why positive emotions have a significant impact on our resilience and how to cultivate them in daily life. Start to give yourself permission to feel good and contribute to your own wellbeing.

Prioritize Mindfulness at Work

We have everything you need to attract, engage, and bring employees together.

Why teroGO?

  • Quality Service: We lighten your workload with our quality service and Customer Success Managers. We offer our support to reduce your burden and meet your unique needs.
  • Unique Community Building: Our platform combines the elements of community and personal well-being to enhance employee engagement. Our community social feed allows colleagues to exchange high-fives and photos, fostering a supportive environment.
  • Exclusive Partnerships: We partner with experts to leverage their specialized knowledge and skills, ensuring a cutting-edge and refined solution.

Meet an Expert

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