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Magali Mathieu on Women in Business, teroGO, & Self-care

November 23, 2021 |

In this article, we will go through a Q&A with Magali Mathieu, co-founder, and CRO at teroGO, and answer a few great questions related to teroGO, women’s entrepreneurship, how to keep focus in your business, and self-care. Let’s dive right in.

What is teroGO?

teroGO started in summer 2016. teroGO is a certified B-Corporation and an organization that focuses on community building through corporations and nonprofits. We do team-building campaigns on the corporate side and virtual races on the nonprofit side. Both of the products are virtual.

What is atlasGO

Why did you choose to co-found teroGO?

One of my co-founders, Tommy Roch Querton, came up with the idea of teroGO in San Francisco. We met in a Master’s of Social Entrepreneurship. Initially, the idea was really focused on a fitness app for runners that gives back. Being a runner and social impact lover, giving back was just an automatic fit, and we started exploring the idea while still in our master’s program at Hult. After a while, Olivier Kaeser joined us, and then the three of us decided to launch teroGO.

Why did you choose to co-found atlasGO

What is it like being the only woman co-founder?

I am the only woman with these two guys, and they’re incredibly open, supportive and have always encouraged a work-life balance. They’re open to new ideas even if sometimes they might agree on a different angle of wanting to push, hustle, and continue when I might want to encourage breaks. It’s also essential to have three people. I think we’re fortunate because we have different personalities, and that helps us. It’s sometimes harder to co-create because you have to agree, let your ego go, and think about what’s best for the company. I think that’s also what makes us strong. Having a team of co-founders can accelerate you forward.

Magali Mathieu Interview

How important is it to keep focus in business?

A big lesson that we’re still learning is to focus. When dealing with a product that caters to companies and nonprofits, the audiences are so different. Our feature requests are so different, and so when we’re looking at the product pipeline and what to prioritize, there is a difficulty in understanding what features are suitable for the product. Regarding where we’re going long term right now, that is a big question in terms of focus. You have to choose if you want to be a swiss army knife or to have more of that specific focus. We’re looking at it by analyzing what happened in the past and looking at everything that’s been working. 

Focus in Business

How Do You Practice Self-Care as an Entrepreneur?

I think that perseverance and resilience are so important as a founder, and it’s something that you continue to learn. I’m also a yoga teacher. I love meditating. I love being out in nature and knowing that going out for a bit of a walk is essential even after a tough meeting. At teroGO, we encourage each other to take breaks and motivate a culture where taking a break is positive. I think it is vital, and it’s something we’re still working on. Finally, it’s crucial to be honest with yourself and to understand where your limits are.

The importance of self-care as an entrepreneur

Final Words

In this short Q&A, we covered what teroGO is, why and how it was founded, what it’s like being the only woman co-founder, options for focusing on business, and the importance of self-care as an entrepreneur. 

You can watch the full interview on the left!

Magali Mathieu Interview

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