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Let’s talk about burnout

May 26, 2020 |

A hard-working employee is a great asset to any company, but those who push too hard put themselves at risk of burning out. What is burnout? A burnout can refer to an individual’s exhaustion of physical and emotional strength. This can occur when employee morale takes a hit, or surely in stressful times like these.

A lack of support and resources to carry out their work can also cause burnout. Even the way an employee places expectations on him or herself can contribute to burning out. Let’s take a deeper look at burnouts, why they happen, and how to prevent them.

What Can Cause Burnout?

Burnouts are demoralizing and can be caused by a number of factors. If the work is uninspiring or frustrating (which can happen if the employee doesn’t feel supported), it could lead to mental exhaustion.

This is the most difficult to combat because if left unaddressed, the burnout can worsen and become persistent and perhaps even permanent irritability in the workplace. 

If the employee is overworked without seeing any benefits or fruitful returns, it can also cause burnout. This can lead to anger, a sarcastic and irritable attitude, and more.

What causes burnout

Another work-related cause of burnout can be a lack of recognition. It really takes a blow to the employees’ self-esteem when they work very hard for your approval, and their efforts go unnoticed. 

On the other hand, guidelines and the scope of work that is unclear can also lead to frustration. When mistakes are made consistently due to miscommunication in this area, burnouts are more likely to happen.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have employees that may be very clear on what is expected of them but end up being unable to deliver. Working under that sort of pressure or in an unorganized environment with unreasonable demands can also cause employees to burn out.

Woman enduring pressure at work

How to Prevent Burnout

As you may have noticed, the work environment and leadership have a direct impact on an employee’s mental health and well-being. In order to nip employee burnout in the bud once and for all, you need to find out the reasons behind it.

Most of the time, it comes down to what we mentioned earlier – environment and leadership. It doesn’t matter what tier company they are in or how well paid they are. Employee burnouts can hit people in any profession.

work environment with good leadership

As a leader, a great way to remedy the situation is through consistent employee engagement. teroGO provides a platform for employee engagement that also helps a meaningful cause! 

To supplement your weekly discussions or whatever company traditions you have in place, you can also pair that with employee engagement with teroGO that fosters a healthy lifestyle, increased participation, boosted morale, and more.

You will be able to connect with employees worldwide and even invite others to join. Our employee engagement program allows employers to reach a wider range of people, no matter where they are or what time zone they are in. 

Nothing encourages participation and engagement, quite like working towards a common goal. To help participants along the way, we have incorporated virtual high fives and sweaty selfies that help share and spread encouragement.

The virtual employee engagement campaigns we offer at teroGO can reignite the drive-in employees who have burned out and are showing signs of demotivation and indifference to their work.

However, our employee engagement platform needs to work in tandem with constant support from superiors, available resources, regular encouragement, and guidance to really kick employee burnout to the curb.

three phones side by side with the atlasgo app in the screen

Benefits of Curbing Burnout

Other than the well-being of your workforce, preventing employee burnout could save you money in terms of benefits. The cash flow you allocate towards healthcare will possibly diminish once your staff members find their motivation once again.

Stressful conditions in the workplace breed more possibilities for lackluster work ethics and practices. Or it could even bring forth more opportunities for work-related injuries.

A way that many employees deal with burnout is by taking more days off. Whether it is sick days or showing signs of absenteeism or perpetual tardiness, these signs will hurt the company’s bottom line.

One large benefit you will experience with lower burnout rates is employee retention. People love to work for a company that keeps them happy! Stimulation both physically and mentally with recognition and encouragement will lower your employee turnover rate.

Coworkers embracing each other


Employee burnouts hurt not only the employees but the company as well. It could be more costly to keep on burned-out employees, and it’s in the company’s best interest to rectify this situation. teroGO features a number of employee engagement campaigns that will facilitate this process and return you and your employees back to a happy and healthy state.

Written by Jess Lin.

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