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Let’s Save the Amazon Rainforest!

September 27, 2019 |

I discovered the Amazon Rainforest August 2018 and it changed my life forever. 

The journey with Eco-Experience  


A year later, It’s August 2019. We have just finished our second heart-opening journey into the Yasuni National Park of Ecuador with Eco-Experience Program

Here’s a glimpse of the journey: It’s a 12-day unplugged journey deep into nature, connecting to ourselves and learning from our Pachamama.

Tota, one of our local Woarani guides, shared her knowledge of the forest. Often what that looked like was halting us, inviting us to look up and stay silent. Moments later, beautiful macaws or toucans would fly over us, leaving a rainbow of colors behind. 

The impactful news


You can imagine my distraught when getting to the “connected” world (by that I mean internet, not sure it’s the right meaning of the word connection anymore…), the news started rolling in “The lungs of the world are burning” or “Brazil’s Rainforest is on fire.” 

I closed my eyes and thought of the magic I just experienced two days before glow-in-the-dark mushrooms! That’s right. We were deep in the jungle at night with our amazing guide and friend Jarol when he invites us to pause, turn all of our lights off and close our eyes. Next, he tells us to slowly open our eyes and look down. And no doubt, little by little, as your eyes get used to the darkness, little pieces of light start shining through. “What is that?” One of the participants asked, “They’re fungi, glowing mushrooms of the forests,” Jarol explains. 

The Amazon Rainforest


Luckily, the place I got to know is still intact. Thanks to the uncontacted tribes residing there, the oil companies have not yet entered this intangible zone. If the fires had hit these parts of the forests, they would have been forced to escape and come into contact with the rest of the world. This would be catastrophic for this preserved part of the Yasuni National Park, not to mention the beautiful flora and fauna that would disappear. This is a place that still holds rare life, from the majestic jaguars to the smallest, brightest frogs. 

The Amazon Rainforest is a chaotic perfection. Every ecosystem relying on its neighbor to thrive and survive. Every piece has a purpose. 

Taking action


So I had to act. In the spirit of collaboration, Eco Experience Program and teroGO came together to create action. Thanks to everyone who came to our donation-based yoga class. We’re excited to be launching this challenge for our Pachamama, helping the World Land Trust to reforest the lungs of our world, one tree at a time. 

Thanks to Eco Experience, today we’re inviting you to join the movement. Walk, run, do yoga, all in the name of the rainforest. I hope to see you on the app.

Join the teroGO “Let’s Save the Amazon Rainforest Challenge.”

Earth Day 2020


This is just the beginning. We’re preparing something big for Earth Day 2020. Join us if you want to be a part of it by partnering, donating, or helping spread the word.

Eco-Experience Program


If you’re interested in the trip through the Andes and the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, we’re getting ready for 2020. Please reach out. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Magali Mathieu 

Chief Partnership Builder & Co-founder, teroGO

Connect on | San Francisco


Photo credit to La.Guz.


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