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Why Learning and Development Is a Key Driver of Employee Engagement

February 24, 2022 |

Employee engagement is a key driver for an organization’s success and this is not a top-secret. A survey reveals that engaged employees are more likely to drive an organization’s growth with a range of benefits such as increased profits, satisfied customers, decreased turnover rates, and enhanced productivity. Organizations with improved employee engagement are more likely to secure 22%-increased profits.

Approximately, 70% of workers think the skill set that they possess, does not match the expert position; they are struggling for at their workplace. Such thoughts lead towards disengagement that makes employees incapable to work proficiently thus affecting productivity. This is an example where Learning and development are optimal and can be most effective. Would it be possible for your company to squeeze possible ounces of productivity from unhappy employees? Of course not. Learn why you should invest in learning and development if you have not already.

Equipping Workforce with Updated Skills

An effectively crafted Learning and Development program identify employees’ need for training to prepare them for expert positions. The loopholes in L&D programs can be discovered by assessing the quality of employees’ performance. 21% of employees, who get the opportunity of satisfying their learning needs, are highly engaged in comparison with those who do not get. Employees do not only equip new skills but also gain knowledge of using updated tools and technologies to level up their management roles with L&D programs.

Your workforce turns into a real brand ambassador when they observe the potential for growth and get engaged in their work. When employees get into a continuous learning stream, they start understanding complex situations thus they contribute more to the organization’s success. Having certifications like online PMP certification benefits employees in validating knowledge, enhancing career opportunities, improving credibility, increasing their marketability, and recognizing them as well-trained or certified professionals.

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Making Employees Adaptive to Change

The jobs transformation and digital tools acceptance has been escalated with the resurgence of the pandemic. Remote jobs are now emerging and are becoming more challenging these days. When employees observe a change, they become resistant to it and disengage from work more quickly. During job transformation, Learning and Development programs build confidence in employees by equipping them with new skills so they stay plugged into their jobs and become adaptive to change.

COVID-19 has given birth to the era of remote jobs that are transforming rapidly. To make the most out of such transforming job opportunities, L&D enables a workforce to stand on their toes and perform new projects. Employees who get promoted to the next roles in the same company are 3.5 times more engaged than those who do not promoted.

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Fostering a Culture of Teamwork and Collaboration

Your workforce is concerned about the people they work with as they are directly influenced by their behaviors or conducts. 77% of workers say that their level of engagement is directly proportional to the relationship they have with their colleagues at work. Disengaged and unhappy workers will lead to high turnovers. If an organization fails to construct a framework to connect its workforce then its employees sense themselves as automatic robots plugged in autopilot roles.

However, Learning and Development fosters a culture of teamwork helping employees to share their experiences and knowledge towards the completion of a task. It creates a learning culture by enabling employees to collaborate on given tasks. To make your workforce happy while collaborating at work and keep their nose to the grindstone, teaming up with a platform like teroGO needs to be highly prioritized. teroGO is a digital community engagement platform that brings people together around impact and wellness. They assist companies in improving employee engagement, employee health, and their work atmosphere.

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Final Thoughts

Employee engagement is crucial for organizations that want to stay competitive and thrive in the future. All the onuses of developing a future-ready labor force for a thriving business depend upon an effective Learning and Development program. To nurture top talent, L&D must appeal to the heart and mind of your workforce. Learning and Development is a key driver to building a thriving workforce for your organization as it enables the employees to develop their skills and align their goals with the objectives of the organization.  


Written by Josh Levinne.

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