IVI RMA Wins Best CSR Action Thanks To atlasGO Challenge

IVI RMA has more than 2,000 employees distributed in 11 countries all over the world. It was the first company in Spain to bet on atlasGO and to dare to make a challenge with us.

We wanted to share the result of the challenge with you and how it helped in achieving an exciting award for IVI RMA directly from its Global Head of HR and Corporate Social Responsibility, Andreu Miquel.

Enjoy the interview!

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Why did you decide to use atlasGO?


We believe that it included all the moving pieces we needed to make a global engagement possible: community, geolocation, and values. Our bet was very correct, as the results obtained have shown, not only because of the prize but also because of the response of our professionals.

Why is it important for you to unite sport and solidarity? 


We believe that CSR should be transversal and, in fact, we are always looking for actions in that sense. Therefore, promoting a healthy lifestyle and, at the same time, generating social change through support to NGOs, is in line with our essence in the area of Sustainability. In this case, all our employees traveled 10,000km to benefit La Azotea Azul, a playground and therapeutic garden for children hospitalized at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville.

You have recently won an award, what did it consist of? 


It is an award for the Best CSR Action given by the Mediterranean Marketing Club, a group that brings together large companies at the Valencian Community level. They are annual awards held in Valencia (Spain) and have different categories, including Sustainability and CSR.


How did atlasGO contribute to the achievement of this award? 


AtlasGO provided us with the necessary scenario to make the corporate challenge a reality and without them, it would not have been possible to even be considered for the award.

What is the general feedback from employees?


Employees were very motivated by the challenge and, in fact, we wouldn’t have repeated it if it hadn’t been for the great acceptance it had.


What were the benefits for IVI RMA specifically?


The benefits were widespread: it generated team-bonding, motivated professionals and increased the feeling of belonging when you see how your company is betting on this type of initiative based on its values and its mission and vision.

How was employee participation?


The participation was very high, completing the challenge in just one week. In addition, one of the best things is that they shared images and selfies of their training or steps, which generated a lot of union.


Why did you decide to take on a second challenge this year?


We have repeated because we believe in long-term collaborations and because this one was a success, and a very high percentage of employees downloaded the APP and participated in it, achieving two objectives: to create a team and to support a social cause.

What advantages do you see in a virtual challenge versus a physical event?


The main advantage is flexibility and “no frontiers”, which means you may be sharing a challenge with a person on the other side of the world. We, as an international company present in more than 11 countries, allow us to connect with each other, regardless of whether you are in the clinic in Madrid, New Jersey or Buenos Aires.

What would you say to a Human Resources Director from another company?  


This is a very powerful tool that generates engagement with professionals and also allows you to create a space for them by the networks that are generated. Unir Solidaridad y Deporte is a cocktail that brings an assured benefit.

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