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atlasGO Webinar Series:

How Everzinc Kept Their Employees Healthy While Planting 12,000 Trees Together!

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Everzinc had the goal to engage their employees located in different parts of the world around the same cause.

From the CEO to the plant workers, 200 employees came together and planted 12,000 trees in support of the reforestation nonprofit, One Tree Planted.

Want to learn more about this amazing challenge and how you can engage your employees?

Watch the webinar below!

Webinar highlights:

• How EverZinc engaged  their employees on a global level 

• Importance of homogenous company engagement from the CEO and higher-level management to the plant workers 

• The power of creating weekly videos to motivated employees throughout the challenge

• and much more…

EverZinc webinar cover

Meet the speakers

Pierre from EverZinc bio
Tommy from atlasGO BIO

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