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  • Questo campo serve per la convalida e dovrebbe essere lasciato inalterato.

Less cost and less work

Reach as many people as you want at less cost and with less work. No headaches with complex logistics and costs that physical events come with it. atlasGO can engage your community independent of geographical location and time.

1. Limited operational costs 

Organizing a physical event requires city permits, dozens of volunteers, and more! It’s a big organizational feat! Bringing your race to the virtual world makes many of your headaches disappear! Focus on marketing and creating a fantastic experience for your participants rather than fighting with city officials and paying for permits for everything!

selfies and map for less cost and less work

2. Reach an unlimited amount of people

The virtual world is not limited in space. You can reach thousands of people around the world.

Your virtual race participants can participate in their hometown, on the beach, on a treadmill, in the woods, or even at an actual race. Anything is possible! This increases the accessibility to anyone with an internet connection.

More about our virtual races!

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