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Introducing Achievements: Empowering employees to pursue personal goals

Marzo 7, 2023 |

At teroGO, we believe employee wellbeing is a top priority. That’s why we’ve launched our new Achievements feature, which helps employees build wellbeing habits and stay motivated throughout the year.

Choose from diverse Achievements for every member of your team. Topics include physical wellbeing, mindfulness, sustainability, and impact.

Achievement examples:

Ironman Triathlon: Run, bike, or swim 100 km/miles in a month.

The Mindfulness Champion: Commit to completing ten hours of yoga or meditation within a month.

Acts of Kindness: Complete 30 acts of kindness in a 30-day period.

Climate Change Week: Strive to accomplish 100 minutes of sustainable activities within a week.

By utilizing Achievements, you can encourage positive behaviors that align with your corporate strategy and even promote external wellness benefits, such as the use of dedicated meditation apps, which can be easily recorded through the Achievements feature.

new achievements tab in the atlasgo app

Participants have the freedom to choose and join as many Achievements as they’d like. Once they’ve joined, they can engage in qualifying activities based on distance, time, or units.

Achievement features:

Gamification: Upon completion of an Achievement, employees will receive a virtual trophy as a reward.

Collaboration: Employees can see who is working towards the same goal, fostering community and collaboration.

Flexibility: Achievements exist independently of an teroGO challenge, allowing employees to track activities that may not qualify for the challenge.

Let Achievements help you drive change in your organization, one healthy habit at a time.

Achievements and selfie feed


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