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How The Fondation Saint-Luc was able to raise €240k in 47 days

Gennaio 2, 2022 |

The Fondation Saint-Luc’s first edition of Unlock for Lives took place between September and October 2021 with ambitious objectives: fundraise € 200,000 to support the fight against rare diseases at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc while getting participants active to reach a goal of 20,000 km together. The least we can say is that the challenge was successful! 

The kilometer challenge

Via the teroGO platform, more than 200 participants were able to create 16 teams and compete in many different sportive activities: running, biking, hiking, hockey, tennis, golf, swimming, and others. All team leaders put great energy in motivating their troops in a common effort to do as many kilometers as possible. Together they reached 37,036 km, which represents 185% of the initial objective! 

The fundraising challenge

On top of their impressive sportive stats, the teams and participants of Unlock for Lives could fundraise €241,107 to offer a better future to patients with rare diseases. This achievement was possible thanks to 564 generous donors. On teroGO, each participant had his/her personal and customizable fundraising page to share with their friends, families, and on any social media. This video about rare diseases was added on the platform to help inform people and raise awareness about the cause. 


The overall results were fantastic. The total amount donated to fundraisers to fight against rare diseases was €241,107. Over 37,000 KMs in activities – almost an entire trip around the world! To add on, 3,568 activities were logged, and 556 pictures were posted from 204 participants.

group of man biking

A very concrete impact

The money raised via Unlock for Lives will allow the funding of several training grants for doctors and other professionals from Fondation Saint-Luc (physiotherapists, nursing staff, psychologists, nutritionists, etc.) active in the field of rare diseases. They will get access to international training in excellence centers with well-known expertise in very specific aspects of rare diseases’ treatments. This very accurate knowledge will have a direct impact on all patients – they are more than 30M in Europe and 500,000 in Belgium.

The keys to success for organizers

These impressive results were possible thanks to the continuous communication efforts of the Fondation Saint-Luc team and their team captains:

  • Organizing Q&A sessions with team representatives. 
  • Using emails and stories on the app during the challenge to update people on the progress and keep them motivated. 
  • Updating the dashboard and adding new videos or images to raise more awareness around the cause. 
  • Leading by example with a very motivated and active “En avant” team from Fondation Saint-Luc themselves. 

The whole challenge was very engaging from day 1, with plenty of beautiful pictures posted and high-fives exchanged. Check out this great highlight video

Leveraging Competition

The competition aspect was also essential, and participants were incentivized by the prizes promised to the winners of the three categories: 

  • the team with the most KMs
  • the team with the most funds raised
  • the team with the highest fives received! 

These awards and the entire challenge were celebrated together at a memorable in-person closing ceremony!

team competition

Next adventures

All in all, Fondation Saint-Luc was very successful in its efforts to fundraise and help people fight rare diseases. This was only the beginning… After this amazing first edition, Unlock for Lives will have a Season 2 with even more ambitious objectives coming in 2023! Hope to see you there. 

In the meantime, as a company or individual, you can support medical progress through research projects, technological innovation, training or humanism at Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc via Fondation Saint-Luc, with teroGO! For more information,

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