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5 Earth Month activities for employees

Gennaio 12, 2023 |

Looking for fun ways to reach your Corporate Social Responsibility goals? Earth Month is celebrated every April, and it’s the perfect occasion to get employees involved! In honor of this impactful month, we came up with 5 innovative Earth Month activities to engage employees in your company.

1. Nature walk

Working from an office? Here’s a fun way to promote the wellbeing of your employees and give back to our shared home. Organize a dedicated time for employees to come together and take a nature walk. While your team enjoys the great outdoors, advise them to keep an eye out for trash and pick it up along the way. This is a great Earth Month activity for employees because it gives them the space to connect with each other in nature, work on their physical wellbeing, and contribute to a healthier environment. 

Working remotely? Encourage employees to dedicate a portion of their day to take a walk outside (and ask them to pick up any trash they see along the way). To make the process more interactive, ask employees to take a selfie of themselves on their walk and share it with the team!

You might find your employees enjoy this activity so much, you decide to make it a regular occurrence! 

To top off all these great benefits, there’s extensive research that points to the positive effects time spent in nature has for both physical and psychological human well­being. 

So… what are you waiting for? Get that nature walk organized! 

2. Lunch and learn with an expert 

Have any contacts from environmental nonprofits? It’s time to connect!

Find an expert who is willing to educate your team. Whether it’s a local expert prepared to meet with employees in person, or a remote expert via zoom call, spreading the knowledge can make a huge positive impact on your company. 

Tip: For an added bonus, offer to pay for your employees’ lunches that day if they decide to join! Not only is this a nice gift for your employees, but it also gives them the incentive to join and learn. Want to go further? Keep it on theme! If your expert happens to be talking about the benefits of vegetarianism on the environment, for example, offer lunch from a dedicated vegetarian spot!

3. Donate to an environmental cause

What better way to celebrate Earth Month with your employees than by supporting the protection of our planet? Find a nonprofit you and your team are passionate about, and send a donation their way.

For an added layer of employee engagement, give your team the opportunity to work together to choose the nonprofit the donation will be for. Make it interactive! You could opt for a team vote, or even put together fun mini-challenges that will determine who gets to choose the nonprofit. 

Tip: Employee wellbeing app teroGO offers team-building challenges that allow employees to virtually work together to unlock a company donation to the charity of choice. They can compete with each other on leaderboards by engaging in fun activities that support their wellbeing, like meditation and biking!  

4. Plant trees

This is an Earth Month activity your employees will love. But first – have you heard about the benefits of trees? 

Trees clean the air we breathe, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. In other words, trees are crucial for a healthy environment!

With that being said, a fun and interactive way to celebrate Earth Month with your employees is by planting trees together! 

teroGO has a special Earth Month-themed challenge that allows employees to plant trees together as a team. Get this – even your remote and hybrid employees can participate!

Here’s how it works:

• The challenge organizer (you!) fills out the form on this page to express interest in the challenge. 

• A friendly teroGO team member will contact you for the next steps. They’ll answer all your questions!

• When you decide to move forward, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you set up your challenge!

• Your employees will download the teroGO app and join the Earth Month challenge with a simple code.

• Your employees will participate in the challenge by recording their daily fitness, mindful, sustainable, and impactful activities in the teroGO app.

With each activity logged, your company makes progress toward planting trees! The Jane Goodall Institute is the tree-planting partner for the challenge, so they will plant as many trees as your employees unlock.

Sounds cool, right? teroGO is even donating 1,000 trees to each company that joins the challenge… AND discounted pricing. You won’t want to miss this one!

Learn more about the Earth Month Challenge

5. Travel around the world together

I bet I know what’s going through your head…how is that possible?

With an teroGO challenge, your employees from all around the world (or all around your local office) can participate in this Earth Month activity!

Challenge details:

Earth’s circumference is 24,901 miles. Can your team collectively travel the distance? 🌎

Here are some sustainable alternatives to driving that employees could record in the teroGO app to contribute to the themed challenge:






As employees complete the impactful activities, the distance they travel gets added to the challenge progress. They can share sweaty selfies with colleagues along the way and even compete with each other on leaderboards. 

Plus, when it’s all done, you get to say your company traveled around the world together!

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Try our sustainability platform for companies

There you have it! 5 innovative Earth Month activities to try out with your employees. Now, you’re prepared to celebrate Earth Month in your company.

As you know, it doesn’t have to be Earth Month to start being more sustainable. Take advantage of these ideas year-round and meet your CSR goals with teroGO – the corporate sustainability platform you’ve been waiting for. 

Written by Kelly Baker, Content Marketing at teroGO

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