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Introducing a New Tool for Nonprofits – A Virtual Race

September 22, 2020 |

There are a ton of fundraising software and new tools for nonprofits. However, it’s difficult to find one as engaging as a virtual race. A virtual race is just like an in-person one but without the overhead, the stress of venue location, and it provides a far wider reach.

How Do They Work?

Let’s start by wrapping our heads around this relatively new but easy-to-understand concept. teroGO offers nonprofits a virtual solution during times when close contact is still ill-advised.

The main difference between a virtual race and a classic one is the absence of a physical event. You can reach out to participants and raise money for your cause regardless of the location.

As organizers, you start by identifying the type of race you want and the goal you wish to achieve. You can pick from a long line of activities participants can take part in to help reach your goal.

Participants have both an individual goal and contribute to the community goal. Once they have reached their personal targets, they can still continue to log in their efforts to help with the community goal.

When the goal, timeline, and events have been set, you and all participants can begin! Encourage fellow sweaty changemakers by uploading sweaty selfies and virtual high fives for motivation. Everything can be managed from the event dashboard, and you can keep track of the day-to-day achievements.

Nonprofits will also be able to keep or bring in new sponsors to aid in their causes as well. They can be given visibility on the registration page, the app, and every sweaty selfie posted.

wheelchair racing
man overlooking the ocean with Alcatraz in the back
pair of nike running shoes that the person is wearing for their virtual races
shoes of a woman looked from the back during her virtual races
black labrador dog in front of a house in the yard after their virtual races
man with a backpack with a green tshirt getting ready for his virtual races
bridge with water under it where you see the reflexion

Benefits of a Virtual Race

For the organizers:

– Lower Costs

As nonprofits, you may have experience in organizing large-scale community events that require volunteers and permits. A virtual race eliminates all of that by engaging with participants on a digital platform. The only thing you would need to do is to focus on marketing to get the word out!

– Wider Reach

The digital platform and social media will allow you to reach thousands of people all over the world. Encourage enthusiasts from different countries and cities to partake in your cause. This will also help create a sense of community that is socially and culturally diverse and increase engagement.

– Easy Management

All the organization and management of the event can be done from your computer or phone. You can single-handedly handle everything easily with our platform, and we are always ready to assist! It also allows easy communication with participants.

Nonprofits will be able to send out emails to participants, spreading the message about their mission and other ways participants can help and get involved.

We can’t forget about the participants! A virtual race is equally beneficial to the organizers as it is to the participants.’’

we can learn dashboard example

For the participants:

– Freedom

Accessibility and flexibility are two main benefits participants get with a virtual race. Due to the digital platform, those interested in joining can have 24-hour access and engage in their favorite activities at any time.

The virtual component means the constraints of a physical race do not bind all those involved. You can start whenever you want, wherever you want.

– Get Healthy and Do Good

You’re toning up your figure and taking steps to a healthier lifestyle while contributing to a worthy cause. Each one of teroGO’s races supports a non-profit partner to make a greater impact in their selected fields.

As participants, you also have the option to give extra donations when you sign up for the race or as the race progresses.

– Possible Rewards

Once you complete a set goal, the non-profits that decide to have swag unique to the cause could send out a T-shirt, medal, or other special prizes that will reflect your efforts. There is nothing virtual about the prizes you win!

RFH race dashboard example

Why Race for a Cause?

Sure, you can easily just donate to your chosen charity, but nothing beats achieving a goal together with your community. It brings people together, fosters engagement, and can even help form stronger bonds.

As you participate in these races, you will delve deeper into the cause you are supporting, gain a better understanding, and spread awareness. Often, these races act as the channel needed to spark deeper conversations about these issues.

biker racing


We associate races with keeping our fitness levels up, but virtual races can offer that benefit and so much more. First of all, there are no limits for how slow or fast you run, when you can participate and where. The enormous flexibility that comes with virtual races and the wide reach they offer make this new form of fundraising for charities an indispensable and innovative method that is here to stay.

Written by Jess Lin.

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