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How to Keep Employees Happy During Extreme Business Growth

March 14, 2022 |

Seeing exponential business growth is a dream that every business owner hopes to achieve. However, with growth come many changes, uncertainty, and disruption. It is easy for the management to be so fixated on the growth that is happening at the expense of the employees’ happiness and engagement. You may be over the moon, but your employees might be wondering how they fit in the bigger picture; will their skills still be relevant, and a whole lot of other questions and concerns.  Neglecting them at this point can hurt your business in the future. Remember that it is through their effort and hard work that your business is where it is now. Ensure that you make them feel valued, appreciated, and happy with these 5 strategies. 

Aim for honesty and transparency

At a time when employees have many questions and concerns, the best that you can do is provide answers. And, not just answers, you need to be honest and transparent about what is happening in the organization. Strive to provide answers even before concerns start coming up. A good place to start is, to be honest, and open about company goals, objectives, and plans. Let the employees know where they fit in these three. In addition, give your employees an opportunity to air their opinions on how individual roles will evolve with the growth. This goes a long way in making them feel valued as part of the company and its future. Don’t forget to remind your workforce that you are available for communication. Encourage them to reach out to you any time they need.

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Invest in technology and tools to support growth

As a business grows, the volume of data increases, and processes evolve. Something that was once easy for the employees to handle can suddenly become daunting and tiring. Unfortunately, this can greatly diminish your employees’ morale and engagement. That is why it is important to ensure that technology in your company evolves as your business grows. At any given time, it should be able to ensure the efficiency of the processes and make the work easier for your employees.

In addition, keep in mind that your workforce can increase as your business grows. Moreover, handling the payroll and employees’ issues can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, delayed salaries and benefits as well as unresolved issues can easily frustrate your employees. Partnering with a PEO services provider is a good way of ensuring that the payroll and other employees’ issues are handled in good time. This also takes one issue out of the way, allowing you more time to focus on the expansion and your employees. However, it is important to ensure that you are getting the best PEO services. Be sure to vet a few providers before settling on one.   

3 coworkers looking at one computer

Support personal growth

Showing interest in the personal growth and professional development of your employees is a good way to show them that you care. It feels good to know that the company they are investing their time and skills in is also investing in them, and is keen on seeing them grow as the company grows. Provide resources and tools to support your employees’ growth. This could mean allowing flexible schedules so that your employees can attend further studies, arranging for workshops to learn different skills, or offering mentorship programs. You can also start identifying talents for promotion and start training them for those roles.

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Engage in team-building activities

When the working environment is positive and happy, your employees are bound to be happy and engaged. Team building activities help in bringing employees together, encouraging relationships, and promoting teamwork. This comes in handy in building a positive culture where everyone feels valued, needed, and happy to work. Think of company happy hours, regular lunches or dinner at a good restaurant, or a weekend in a lovely resort engaging in all types of games.

Team building activities should also be extended to remote teams. While it may not be easy to think of activities fit for people who are working miles from each other, working with an organization such as teroGO can help you with that. This organization is focused on keeping employees happy while working remotely with virtual engagement campaigns. You can get ideas ranging from wellness challenges, giving challenges to environmental challenges customized to your organization.

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Recognize and reward employees

Never assume that your employees feel appreciated for the work that they are doing. Make it a point to air your appreciation so that they can feel that you are happy with their work. A simple thank you note or email can go a long way in making employees feel appreciated. For employees who like being appreciated in a crowd, give them the honor of mentioning them during meetings. In addition, think of cash bonuses and simple rewards such as restaurant coupons for employees who show outstanding work.

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You are happy that your business is experiencing growth, but for the trend to continue, you need the input of your entire workforce. That is why it is important to keep them happy and engaged so that they stay committed to the evolving goals and objectives. Be sure to recognize them for their contribution to the realization of company goals. In addition, be transparent about the company position and their individual roles, support their growth, and arrange for team-building activities. Don’t forget to invest in tech and tools that support growth.


Written by Josh Levinne.

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