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How to Engage Your Employees Around the Environment

May 3, 2021 |

Our planet has suffered in the past and is now taking a devastating hit amid the pandemic. Improperly disposed face masks are piling up and polluting our oceans. Our hearts ache from seeing what pollution and trash have done to Earth, and we’re sure this is a sentiment many people share. However, there is a way you and your employees can work together to support an environmental cause, improve engagement and boost your CSR. Keep reading to learn how to engage your employees around the environment!

Our Core Values at teroGO  

teroGO’s mission is to enlist the help of sweaty changemakers, non-profits, and corporations to make a positive, long-lasting global impact and to raise awareness for social and environmental issues. 

We have taken inspiration from fellow celebrated and established B corporations such as Patagonia. We particularly align with their environmental philosophy, which illustrates that “action is absolutely necessary” to make a difference in companies and governments that ignore the global ecological crisis.

how to engage your employees around the environment

Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia Inc. penned an inspirational book titled Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman, which details how businesses should be used for the greater good. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, also shares this philosophy.

Both retail giants operate behind the wisdom that businesses are in service to the people and should be used for the greater good. To be successful, your organization or company should contribute value to society, a belief that we share wholeheartedly here at teroGO.

As a certified B Corp, we believe that engaging with our changemakers worldwide around various causes close to our hearts to achieve a social and environmental impact can make a lifelong difference.

how to engage your employees around the environment

The Impact of teroGO Environmental Challenges

Earth Day comes once a year, but we believe taking steps towards sustainable living and protecting the environment is a never-ending process. We see around 3.5 to 7 billion trees cut down each year, and in no way are we on par with the consumption rate with replanting.

Reforestation is one of our principal environmental efforts at teroGO. Without trees, we would lose extraordinary and essential functions for life on Earth.  A few of the many advantages reforestation brings include maintaining biodiversity, fighting global warming, and restoring animal habitats.

How to Support an Environmental Cause with Your Employees

teroGO strives to support communities in tree planting efforts. We work closely with our partners such as One Tree Planted, the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium, and Trees for the Future for our free community challenges.

We have planted over 800,000 trees to date and look forward to planting many more through persistent efforts from our partners and dedicated sweaty changemakers.

Fit for Trees is an excellent example of one of our environmental challenges. Employees, friends, family members, and communities were able to come together to reach the final goal of 50K trees.

sweaty selfies collage

Thanks to the hard work of all the dedicated participants, we managed to reach our goal with 2,306 active members logging 67,416 hours and submitting over 33,746 activities. There were lots of sweaty selfies, virtual high-fives, and encouraging comments shared throughout the journey.

As the Fit for Trees challenge enters the third year, our challenge for 2021 has already started. You can join the free Fit for Trees 2 challenge right now to get a clear understanding of what our virtual platform can offer and the effect we can have on employee engagement.  

three woman jumping in the park with hands in the air

How to Get Started with teroGO

Engage your employees around the environment with an “Employee Environmental Challenge” with teroGO. You as a Company can create your own Employee Environmental Challenge and let your employees connect and plant trees together. Choose the number of trees you want to plant, the timeline,  pick from our list of over 100 activities, select one of teroGO’s reforestation partners and GO!   

teroGO offers a custom dashboard that features a progress bar, leaderboard, and more that you can personalize to reflect your Company’s brand. 

Once the challenge starts, your employees can easily track their progress on teroGO’s mobile app that works with Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava.

Employee Engagement

Engaging your employees around an environmental cause will promote virtual team building, especially during a time when governments still advise social distancing. 

Not ready to create your own employee challenge? Join our new free community challenge Fit For Trees 2, and create your own team. You will have your own team’s leaderboard and can chat with your co-workers in the app while you engage with our community by sharing sweaty selfies and giving virtual high-fives!

how to engage your employees around the environment


In this article, you learned how to engage your employees around the environment. We believe in the environment and employee engagement, and you can do both with teroGO environmental challenges. Knowing you are impacting the world while interacting with your team members is very uplifting and rewarding. We are working closely with non-profit organizations and companies to make a long-lasting change every day. We hope to help you with your company’s CSR and productivity while raising awareness for environmental issues. Engage your employees around the environment with teroGO today!  

Written by Jess Lin.  

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