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Individual fundraising page: how to create your own

atlasGO’s new Peer-to-Peer fundraising feature for our virtual races now includes individual fundraising pages & team customizable pages. Our global non-profit partners have been able to increase donations thanks to this feature, especially since users can tell their fundraising stories.

Peer-to-Peer fundraising

Peer-to-Peer fundraising is more than asking your friends and family for donations towards a non-profit organization. It’s about you telling your own story, explaining to others what makes this cause so important to you, how you heard about them, why you connected with them, their impact in this world, and how their donation would increase that impact.

Example of an individual fundraising page

How to get started with your fundraising page

After you sign up for an atlasGO virtual race of your choice, you will have two option to access your fundraising page:

1. Click on “My Personal Fundraising Page” from the Fundraising section on the challenge’s dashboard

2. Click on your name from the Fundraising Leaderboard

You will be able to choose your fundraising goal in the signup process.

fundraising page step 1

Your own fundraising page

Start by changing the information at the top of your page. We have created a few default questions to get you started but remember this is YOUR page, so feel free to edit it as much as you want! The better you tell your story, the higher possibilities you have to increase donations.

1. Tell us WHO you are

2. WHY are you fundraising

* Make sure you are signed in, or you won’t be able to edit your page. Use the same credential you used to create your account at the time of registration.

fundraising page step 2

How to edit your information

To edit the default content, it’s straightforward. Just click on the text you want to edit, and the text bar will show on your screen.

You will have the option to enter your text in your preferred language and even add several languages if your network is located in different parts of the world.

* Remember to always click “SAVE CHANGES” on the bottom left corner after any changes you make.

fundraising page step 3

Add new components

To personalize your fundraising page even more, you have the capability to add images, videos, text, links & dividers.

How to add a new component?

1. Click on the plus sign

2. Select the component you want to add by clicking on it, so it gets added at the end or clicking and dragging it to add it somewhere else on your page

3. You can also click on the pink plus sign on the right of your screen

fundraising page step 4

How to edit a component

Using every component is very easy. Depending on the one you select, you will have different elements, but they are very self-explanatory.

Let’s use the image component as an example:

1. You can add a photo by clicking on the blue square with the arrow inside the cloud to add a photo from your computer, or you can click on “I have a URL” to add the URL of a photo

2. If you added a component by mistake, just click on the little trash can icon at the bottom of your screen

* Remember to click on “SAVE CHANGES” after adding your photo.

fundraising page step 5

Other components

1. Video: you can also add a video to your fundraising page. You will need a YouTube or Vimeo link. You cannot add a video from your computer or from a different platform than the ones mentioned above.

2. Button: add a button with a link to send people to a specific place. You can add the non-profit organization’s website for people to read more about them or even the link of the virtual race dashboard for them to register as well. Make sure to include a text to your button component in your preferred language.

3. Background: add an image or change the color or a specific component. If you decide to go with the color option, you will then be able to add another component over it (text, video, image, or button)

fundraising page step 6

Sidebar elements

1. Undo or redo your last step

2. Edit things

3. Add things

4. Move things

5. Resize things

6. Preview results

fundraising page step 8

Edit your fundraising goal

You can also edit your fundraising goal from your fundraising page by clicking on “Edit” and selecting a new goal from the pop-up screen. Remember to click on “SAVE” after making any changes. This option was added to increase your initial goal once you reach it.

fundraising page step 7

Having trouble with your fundraising page

If you encounter any trouble while creating or editing your fundraising page, please reach out to our support team at support@atlasgo.org, and they will be happy to assist you!

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