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How to Connect with Your Team at Home

April 16, 2020 |

Amidst the pandemic during these trying times and first time for many, it’s more than likely that your offices are not open. However, that doesn’t mean all businesses, transactions, and daily tasks need to cease as well. 

With the utilization of suitable apps and team managing websites, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your employee’s progress and have some fun from the comfort of your own home. Let’s go over how to connect with your team at home.

How teroGO Can Keep You Connect With Your Team At Home

If you have our app, you will understand that you can start challenges and engage with your team this way. It doesn’t matter if the challenge is for a virtual race, an engagement challenge, or one of the community. You can connect with your team at home with all of these. 

You can easily stay connected with the live feed and share in sweaty selfies (see who gets sweatier), shower each other with high-fives, and comment on your employee’s progress and photos.

teroGO is more than just an app that is used to monitor your campaigns, but also one that fosters teamwork, engagement, and motivation.

Going virtual may be a lot of teams’ only option during social distancing and quarantine, but you and your employees don’t need to miss a beat. Keep up with tasks and activities and stay connected with teroGO.

sweaty selfie with a high five

Virtual Team Building Activities at Home

A beneficial and fun way to keep all the people stranded at home from getting cabin fever is to introduce team-building activities. This will help with the productivity of remote employees.

It can take the form of online games that can also boost your skills, such as speed typing races, management workshops, and even improv games!

While it can be fun to try these activities that will also improve essential office skills, you need activities that are just for fun as well!

person-writing-on-notebook while having a virtual team building activity- connect at home

You can have virtual parties with your teammates. Some really amusing ideas include beverage or food tasting sessions. You may be wondering how this concept can be achieved through a screen, but it’s easier than you might think.

One person in your team will be responsible each week or every day to provide a dish/drink recipe that is considered their specialty. This individual will present the team with his or her choice of dish for that week.

The rest of the team members will prepare the dish for tasting at a set time and enjoy a tasting party with all those involved! You can exchange tips and hacks to improve the dish too! Remember to always encourage your staff.


Google Spreadsheets can be made into a fun game of creating pixelated pictures. A hack can easily replace the numbers with colors that allow you to paint the cells differently.

What you can do is assign a character, animal, or object to be created via Spreadsheets and have people cast votes for the winner on a specific day. The winner could receive a vast array of prizes.

Some great ideas for prizes include food delivered to their door, a free cup of coffee brought to their desk (when all this is over), and the winner designates someone to dress up in costume during the next video conference, and more!

These are all some fun things that you can tweak here and there and combine with other creative ideas for online activities. Your virtual reach can even span beyond the computer screen.

To change it up and keep things interesting, you can take your team to the great outdoors and connect from there.

person-sketching-on-digital-connect sketchpad and colors pen

How teroGO Can Keep Your Team Moving

We need to stress the importance of social distancing at this time. If you are unable to be outdoors in parks, on trails, etc., then we suggest engaging in other activities that can be done at home or in your own backyard. teroGO provides the means to create these campaigns and monitor them right from your handheld device!

It doesn’t have to be running, especially if you lack the space in confinement. Other activities that teroGO has incorporated include cricket, tennis, and even yoga and meditation! 

sport activities on the atlasGO app

Such activities take up less space and can still be included in the worthy campaigns you start for a cause that speaks to you. There is nothing like working towards a common goal with your teammates while encouraging each other in the lengthy process.

COVID-19 has impeded our lives and wreaked havoc in our daily routines. However, it stops there. It doesn’t need to affect the causes you are working for or hinder you from connecting with your team.

Rally everyone together during these uncertain times and create a program that helps your team members stay happy and healthy – something that proves to be essential to sedentary isolation.

woman-doing-yoga-inside-a-room Connect with Your Team at Home


Remote team building is very different from in-person employee engagement. It’s okay if you feel a little out of your element. You need to take a different approach, which could be daunting as a team leader. Luckily, these rewarding yet fun activities don’t need to be expensive or cost anything at all! You can connect with your team at home for cheap.

From 21 questions to get to know each other better to virtual house tours, you can be sure you will get to know your team on a whole new level. If your teammates’ physical health and well-being are of importance to you as well, then teroGO is the perfect platform to integrate into your engagement strategy.

Focus on the future, better times are ahead, and we will get there together.

Written by Jess Lin.

Connect with Your Team at Home

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