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Register to join our Global Pro Bono Move Challenge

Follow the next steps to register to this virtual challenge and walk, jog, run together 40,000kms, once around the world for justice!

Two ticket options: 
1. $25 / individual ticket
2. $125 / teams of 6

Proceeds will go to BABSEACLE & Partners.
Each ticket entry will give you access to 20% off a Garmin watch & you will be shipped a justice medal!

Join us virtually around the globe to cumulatively walk, jog, run 40,000km (24,855 miles)

Everyone will receive an exclusive Global Pro Bono Move Medal. All Proceeds go to support greater Access to Justice Globally.


Individual Ticket

includes a medal & entry to challenge


Team of 6 ticket

includes a medal & entry to challenge

Name your team *

Teams cannot have spaces or special characters!

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