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An integration completing the tracking ecosystem!

May 1, 2019 |

teroGO and Garmin, your ideal triathlon companions!


To me, Garmin has always stood as the top multi-sport hardware that one could get his/her hands on. As a triathlete, I’ve always wanted to switch to Garmin as my main tracking device, so when I got the chance through the teroGO partnership, you can imagine how happy I was. I’ve had the pleasure of using the Garmin Vívoactive 3 for the past couple of months, and I can’t imagine doing a workout without it now. Whether it is for an interval session on the track, a pool swim, or a long bike ride in the Bay Area Headlands, it sits right there on my wrist.

Why Garmin and teroGO?

The fact that Garmin and teroGO are now compatible is amazing. I joined teroGO, to begin with, because I knew that I was participating in a relatively egocentric sport, so if I could give back to the world through my training, that seemed like a win-win to me. Two years later, I am an ambassador and have had the chance to help promote teroGO to my network for a while. The main concern was always, “but I don’t want to bring my phone, I only use my Garmin” well… that is no longer an issue. Additionally, competing in a triathlon, especially for some amateurs, can be a long affair. I remember my first Ironman took me 12hours 9minutes to complete. The battery life on the Vívoactive 3 allows me to bring it for the entire duration of such a day and will track from start to finish.

I see teroGO as a perfect companion to triathlon, and I am certain that this partnership with Garmin will help see that vision come true. With the Garmin app automatically tracking and uploading your activities on teroGO, the ecosystem of tracking seems to be complete, and I am so excited that teroGO has a place in that.

Mathias, our hardcore teroGO Ambassador!





If you also want a Garmin to track your everyday miles and do good at the same time …


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