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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Now Live on atlasGO

We witnessed a great desire in the virtual race world and decided we would take on the role to address it. After months of hard work and deliberation to execute our newest project in the most functional, user-friendly, and engaging way, we are proud to finally present the culmination of our efforts. We are launching Collecte de fonds par parrainage, the newest addition to our virtual races!

Peer-to-Peer fundraising is definitely not a new idea. As kids, you might remember going home from school asking your grandma, neighbors, and anyone who you could reach if they would sponsor you for every lap around the track.

This fundraising concept in the nonprofit and racing world has been a game-changer, thanks to technology. We are taking it one step further and implementing a peer-to-peer function to complement the atlasGO platform.

kids competing to show peer to peer concept

You can now:

1. Have your own customized registration page

2. Host your engaging virtual race on the atlasGO mobile application

3. Get your race participants to ask their friends and family for more donations

All in one platform.

We’re so proud and excited to be the first to include all three features and combine them for an exciting user experience. We created a seamless user flow from registration to the virtual race, and now the users are competing for the most miles and for the most dollars raised in the name of your nonprofit organization.

peer to peer screenshot

Our virtual races have been a steady success for our partners scrambling to turn their physical events into new virtual fundraising opportunities. The one feedback that we got from all of our clients was the missing Peer-to-Peer fundraising feature. For many of our partner organizations, 80% of fundraising dollars come solely from donations through Peer-to-Peer fundraising. In fact, a lot of traditional Peer-to-Peer fundraising models offer the registrations at a low-barrier-to-entry cost to encourage their participants to ask their network to chip in. 

Think about the last 5 donations you made to a charity. It’s very likely that 4 out of those 5 were because of a personal connection to the cause, and the majority being because a friend or family member asked you to donate in their name. 

friends biking

So what are the specific features that will be included in our first version of this Peer-to-Peer component? This first version will allow race organizers to:

– Set a fundraising goal

– Create competition with live individual and team fundraising leaderboards

– Let users share their unique URLs to collect donations

– Track and congratulate participants and donors

peer to peer

Are you ready to get your virtual race launched and add a Peer-to-Peer component? We’d love to hear your feedback. If, before September 30th, you decide to run a virtual race with atlasGO, we are offering our brand-new Peer-to-Peer option complimentary!

Let me know if you’re interested. I’d love to get you started, 

Magali Mathieu 

Chief Partnership Builder & Co-founder, atlasGO

Connect on | San Francisco

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