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Comment Sweco's Employee Engagement à collecter 6k Euros pour une œuvre caritative

In April 2021, Sweco partnered with atlasGO to engage their employees and raise money for charity.

Sweat is Worth Money Challenge

Sweco Group is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy. They aim to transform society together while reaching climate-neutral by 2040. 

The company-wide “Sweat is Worth Money” challenge brought 459 employees together virtually to participate in various activities. This included walking, running, biking, hiking, yoga, swimming, tennis, climbing, and even simple chores like taking out the trash.

There were a total of 1,084 sweaty selfies posted on the atlasGO app during the one-month challenge. To add on, there were 5,464 high fives shared and 6,848 activities logged! 

On top of that, the photos shared on the atlasGO mobile app engaged employees further by getting to know each other outside of the work environment by taking pictures of their kids or pets.

Sweco Employee Engagement Walking Puppy

The Charities

Sweco employee engagement challenge amounted to 6,000 Euros that was donated to Anders Valide Sporten et qu'ils sont Te Gek!.

Anders Valide Sporten is a nonprofit that works for people with motor disabilities. They try to get people to participate in different sports to rebuild their social contacts and come out of their isolation. 

Te Gek! is a nonprofit that makes mental health issues a topic for discussion among the general public to bring awareness. One in four people has to deal with mental health problems, yet we hardly talk about them.

Kid Riding a Scooter with Dog

“At the beginning of April, Sweco organized a sports challenge to raise funds for two charities, namely TE GEK! and ANVASPORT.

Under the motto “Sweat is worth money” and with the help of atlasGO, every kilometer traveled by bike or on foot by our colleagues got converted into euros.

Not only did we achieve our goal, but we also succeeded in the midst of a period of confinement in reuniting our colleagues around a mutual challenge! This was made possible by the atlasGO app and the ability to share (sweaty 😊) selfies and hand out High Fives to all participants.

This challenge was a real success within Sweco, so much so that we were almost disappointed to have reached our goal because it meant that our challenge was coming to an end 😊” – said Emilie Weins, Team Manager Integrated Design at Sweco

man and woman hiking

Last Words

Conclusively, the absolutely amazing accomplishment that Sweco employee engagement pulled off deserves a round of applause. In fact, this was so successful that they added an additional donation. We congratulate them on their success during these difficult COVID times.

atlasGO’s employees giving challenges continue to grow with each partner bettering the world and helping each other. Get your employee engagement case study aujourd'hui.

Are you interested in boosting your employee’s health, engagement while making the world a better place? Contact us now!

man a dog walking on the snow

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