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Hybrid workforce? Make the jump to phygital employee engagement events

Bring your employees together, rain or shine

atlasGO and Herculean Alliance have joined forces to offer a “phygital” employee engagement and wellbeing solution to workforces across the globe. 

Scattered team? No problem! With phygital events, you can have a main in-person event, and utilize the virtual component to keep your team engaged the rest of the time.

atlasgo team having fun in portugal
atlasgo app sharing virtual high five

The benefits for you and your workforce

• Prepare your team for the physical event with virtual training!

• Maintain health and wellness after the event with virtual meditation, stretching, breathing exercises, physical activity goals, and more.

• Foster friendly competition and company engagement with in-app leaderboards!

• Bring your team together with a photo feed for colleagues to post and exchange virtual high fives for impactful activities completed!

Physical + Digital = Phygital

With hybrid and flexible work on the rise, many companies are turning to phygital events to maintain employee engagement, wellbeing, and productivity. 

After all, experts agree that hybrid work is the future. Take a look at these stats:

140% more people work from home since 2005.

• 74% of U.S. companies are using or planning to implement a permanent hybrid work model.

Versatile engagement solutions are necessary to maintain a productive and happy workforce!

Woman Seated on Ground working on her Laptop
hercules trophy logo

Get your first phygital event ready… the Hercules Trophy!

Le Hercules Trophy takes team building to the next level. In a festive atmosphere, teams of 5-7 compete with each other in 12 different challenges. The next events take place in June 2022 on the 17th, 23rd, and 24th in De Nekker, Mechelen…but with atlasGO, the competition begins NOW!

Your team can already use atlasGO to begin training in preparation for the Hercules Trophy, all digitally! Through the app, colleagues will get to start competing with each other and witness their hard work come to life by checking out the leaderboard. 

Tip: After the event, compare the atlasGO leaderboard to the results of the Hercules Trophy!

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