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Giving Tuesday: Engage your employees to do good

septembre 9, 2022 |

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that’s all about giving back. It’s been described as a “movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world.”

Whether it’s helping out a colleague, volunteering for charity, making someone smile, cooking a meal for a friend, or donating to a food bank – there are many ways to join the movement. 

52% of people who have participated in Giving Tuesday said they did it because it allows them to be part of a bigger group of people doing good. 

Celebrate with a Giving Challenge

Giving Tuesday 2023 falls on November 28th. Since it’s right around the corner, we have the perfect opportunity for you to celebrate the movement with your company! Put together a team-building challenge for your employees all about generosity.

Challenge name: [Your Company’s] Giving Challenge 💚

Duration: 1 month

Engage employees, regardless of their locations, around activities that do good for your community and the world. 

Your team will work together to unlock the donation pledged to the nonprofit of your choice by completing activities like this ⬇️

💚 Donate old books or clothes

💚 Make a meal from scratch for a friend or family member

💚 Teach someone a new skill

💚 Help out a colleague

💚 Compliment a stranger

Have other activity ideas for your challenge? Not a problem, we have over 350 more you can choose from! 

As your team completes the activities, they can post photos to the atlasGO app for colleagues to see and support. Whether it’s a photo of them volunteering, cooking a meal for a family member, or a selfie with someone they made smile, they’ll have countless ways to share their impact and inspire others. 

Your Défi du don à une association will even get a personalized filter in the atlasGO app, an added touch to customize your team’s photos. Colleagues will be able to support each other’s impact by exchanging virtual high fives, leaving motivational comments, and so much more!

Tip: Survey your employees to help choose the nonprofit you’re supporting. Find the one that means the most to them so they feel even more motivated to unlock the donation!

Your Giving Challenge will be a success! Statistics show that 82% of 18-34 year olds who know about Giving Tuesday will participate.

Here’s how giving back benefits your company

Employees want opportunities to give back and Giving Tuesday is the perfect occasion to do just that. 

Les recherches shows employees who feel their company encourages them to support causes they care about are:

A company culture where giving back is practiced and encouraged can not only help you retain existing talent, but it can also help bring in new talent. In fact, 77% of Millennials said a sense of purpose is part of the reason they chose to work for their current employer.

Choose to make a difference for your organization, employees, and the world with a Giving Challenge. 

Ready to get started?


Écrit par Kelly Baker, Content Marketing chez atlasGO

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